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[BBT] Splash

[Image: 2w3thxg.jpg]

targettest_splash is a proof of concept map of how break the targets could play within Xonotic.
I brought this kind of gameplay up in another topic some time ago and just wanted to try it out
myself, so here is my quick and dirty map. Because the way I used entities to get this to work
this map is SINGLEPLAYER ONLY and will not work (well/at all) in multiplayer servers.

The map has to be played as a CTS map, for the best experience take other cts maps out of the
rotation, if you break all the targets or kill yourself the match will end, this is because I could not
get everything reset reliably.
Another side note, there is a checkpoint marker over each target, but even though these show
up one at a time, you can destroy targets in any order you like.
Aside from these points you can just jump trough the teleporter and use the mortar and electro
to frag all 12 targets.

Of course it's GPL and such and the pk3 includes the map file for those who want to mess with it.
(Or make their own BTT map Wink )


So... how quick can you do it?

Neat! Big Grin

Whoa nice! glad to see an innovative idea presented in a clean polished way, not just some sloppy entities thrown together. Smile

WoooOOoow! First try: 2 minutes (Could not find the hidden wheel)
And my final try:
[Image: scoreboard.png]
Good job. As a mapper I could not resist and I took a look at the .map and looks quite complicated!


Nice to see the positive reactions. Smile
As for how complicated the map is, its not that bad, it's just that everything is interconnected. It basically works like this:

* Teleporting triggers:
- target_items to remove any items
- Every func_breakable to make them available to take damage
- A func_door underneath the first spawn to reveal the trigger to change level in case someone dies and the first checkpoint
* Killing any func_breakable will trigger all of trigger_counter once, each counting towards a different number between 1 and 12
* Each trigger_counter is linked to a checkpoint of the same number, triggering it each time the appropriate number of targets is hit

And that's about it if I remember correctly. The spawns linked to each func_breakable don't work, but I forgot to take them out.
(If I could fix this there would be no need to restart upon death.) And other than that the only reason I have to restart the level
each time is because I can't find a way to reset the trigger_counter.

Absolutely loved the target test competition back in the SMBM days and absolutely loving it right now too! Thank you for this Big Grin And hope you go all the way with it because it wins!

12.01 here:

Jesus O_o MAN! Give us a chance, all right? This is just crazy...

Found another way of doing it in 9:68. Kinda sad because now the cool ricochet mortars have no value ;(


Im so certain that this was exactly how freefang intended it to be... Crazy! Only Hot Dog can beat it now.

imo this is how map's like this should be played..overtime people find quicker and more interesting ways of doing it, rather then it being linear Smile
[Image: 542.png]

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