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Dropbox Referrals Thread of Awesomeness

I hope this is allowed, not considered as spam and will hopefully catch on.
Mods, if this post is against forum rules or something, please feel free to move/modify/delete this thread.

As you may have already guessed, the purpose of this thread is to share referral links for Dropbox so that individuals could earn free space. However, it is not only limited to Dropbox links; you can also post your referral links for Minus, SugarSync, Copy and other cloud services that I may have forgotten.

Here is my Dropbox Referral link:
By signing up using it, you will be helping both me and yourself to 500mb free space. BTW, to gain the 500mb free bonus space, you will also need to install the Dropbox desktop application. Please don't forget this.

Note: I am not sure if Minus, SugarSync, etc. has any similar requirements so please check.
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Just a reminder Dropbox was slated to be added to the NSA's PRISM program if it's not already, so keep that in mind.

Spideroak Might be a good alternative you get 2GB free storage and code worldbackupday might still be valid which would net you 5GB total, apply it in the upgrade account section after signing up
<[-z-]> have you seen the documentary "happy"?
<Samual_> no
<Samual_> it sounds horrible

Can't go wrong with Megacloud, I use it and it gives you 8gb free storage!

Came across a new site called It looks like a Dropbox clone that offers 15GB free storage or 20GB if you sign up via a referral link. They have clients for Linux, Mac, and Windows as well as IOS and Android.

As for the security and privacy aspects I have no idea yet but 20GB free storage is pretty sweet.

Here's my referral link for that extra 5GB each, let me know if you use it so I can remove it and then post your own if you want.
<[-z-]> have you seen the documentary "happy"?
<Samual_> no
<Samual_> it sounds horrible

Whichever cloud storage you use, there's this nifty encryption tool, called encfs, that plays really well with synchronised storage (unlike e.g. truecrypt). Prism or no prism, that way you can have some privacy in all this.
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(07-25-2013, 07:12 PM)Liquid Sin Wrote: As for the security and privacy aspects I have no idea yet but 20GB free storage is pretty sweet.

That makes me real sad Sad

Why Mr. Bougo? For 20GB of free storage I don't care if I have to encrypt my data before uploading like Cyber Killer suggested, it doesn't really matter then.

And if its important that the host is solid in that area Spideroak seems like a good choice.
<[-z-]> have you seen the documentary "happy"?
<Samual_> no
<Samual_> it sounds horrible

You hadn't mentioned encryption. I've heard similar things from what I quoted above from people who don't have a clue about encryption, which is what saddens me.

If you can use it responsibly, it's alright.

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#10 provides descent encyption and 50 GB for free.

Although I advocate using something trusted like Dropbox and then simply encrypt your files yourself before putting them into the db folder.

(07-28-2013, 07:19 AM)JawadAhmed Wrote: ...

Did you sign up just for that? Sorry but we can't have that sort of activity here.

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