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[SOLVED] Preferences not saved when playing portable Xonotic on USB?

From what I understand, your Xonotic preferences is not saved within the USB Drive itself where it is playing from.
I came across this problem when I wanted to show my friend Xonotic, through his computer on my USB Drive. Non of my data and keybindings where saved on the USB.

Ok, so what happened to my saved data? Obviously it was saved onto my home computer...somewhere, not on the USB. Any thoughts on how to realistically play Xonotic on USB, with everything saved when taking it and playing it on a different computer?

Create a shell script (.bat on Windows, .sh on Mac/Linux) and put it in the Xonotic folder.

Inside it, put this:

xonotic -nohome

Use the shell script to start Xonotic, it should put everything on the USB.
[Image: 230.png]

Note that this will be an unconventional setup that might lead to confusion if you're trying to troubleshoot problems later. Usually the install directory is kept pristine and all writes are made to the personal data directory, but passing -nohome means that those two directories will be the same. That means for example that you won't be able to safely use the rsync updater because that clears everything.

Make backups of the important files before upgrading. (configs, dlcache, demos, screenshots, player keys...)

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