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any unit testing?

I missed this forum!
I used to play xonotic abt 1 year ago I also played a bit with the code and the maps just to see how it works.
Now I m doing a little research on how tests/dev is done in real projects. I have relatively a clear idea abt business softwares but I am wondering how unit testing is applied to games.
Is there any unit tests in Xonotic source code?
(I don't find any maybe because I have an old version)
I would like to see how it looks.

Thank you very much that would help me a lot.

We don't have any sort of test suite. We test by hand and sometimes benchmarks.

As a result, we sometimes miss bugs.

Thanks Mr. Bougo! nice to hear from you after more than a year.
Any willing to change that? Or it is not a priority?

I think any sort of testing framework requires coding discipline that we don't currently have Wink

However, I can see it being useful for smaller components like q3map2 or gmqcc, and the latter already has testing!

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