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Testing weapons

OK, here is my input regarding the weapons:

BTW, we were only testing weapons, for the players cannot be finished...

I found the running to be too sluggish. No, not a weapon, but it would make it unplayable for me long term.

Laser: textures missing. I need to 'see' the laser as it goes from gun to target. Ir feels 'fat'. Not enought Ummph for jumping... not gud...

Mortar: I like the stickly mines,but would like the delay to be longer 2-3 secs more.

MGun: I like, but it feels like it doesnt have much damage.

Crylink: Dont like the continuous beam. If it stays would like the power hit to be tremendous so it is used up quickly

Hagar OK. I'd actually like the primary and secondary to be switched

Nex: the gun is too big... it looks tacky..... needs a secondary fire. Would be nivce to have the display at the back of the nex change color after a shot....

Rocket launcher: dont like. it appears to not give enough 'push' if you fire it to knock someone off a map. It actually was killing, rather than pushing..

if was fun, thanks

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