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Casual player loving the game


I'm not that new as I started playing Xonotic a bit more than a year ago (even replaced my too old PC for it) but I don't play that often.

Although I'm a developper and contributing to a few free software games, mainly Performous, Warzone 2100 and UFO AI for now, I almost never contribute by code as I do this stuff all the week long. I'm currently trying to set up some LAN parties in North, France, with free softwares but I'll open an other thread about the Xonotic one.

Just a few Xonotic things about me:
  • I know about bunny hopping, ramp jumping, laser jumping, custom weapons shortcuts, mipmapping, turning music off and such... (Thanks Halogene for your Newbie corner)
  • ... but I play badly, with music at full volume and hi-level graphics and even post-processing on and like it this way
  • I hate duels and winning 20 to -2 (it never happens but the contrary is more than common)
  • I preffer losing 6 to 20 with a buch of newbies with about the same score and some funny chatting
  • Love the machinegun sound with 力 Rolleyes
  • I look at my ELO score regularly, trying to make it raise a bit and say to myself that it doesn't make much sense since I don't want to play competitively Big Grin
  • I regularly win with by far, regarding suicide count

That said it's still fun to play with all you "90% accuracy 200 health and armor" buddies when there's still a chance of finishing a wounded one in the chaos Tongue

Nice to hear that casual players can enjoy arena fps too, especially Xonotic Big Grin
Welcome to the community!

Hi and welcome! You are absolutely correct in emphasizing fun over winning, I like that spirit! That's what I often tell people when I notice frustrations about not having been able to meet their expectations when playing me (which, astonishingly enough, happens, really!). It is absolutely vital for enjoying this (or, in fact, any) game to perceive it as what it is: a game. It's about fun! I personally find it totally boring to play 30:-2 matches, so usually I switch to some restrictions for me that make it balanced and more of a challenge for me, regardless of elo losses that might result from this (like playing slap only and/or taking no megas).

I also play with full textures and 3D items instead of simple items, just because I like the looks. But the particle effects got in my way too often, not being able to see the opponent after firing a rocket is just too much of a disadvantage. :o)

Keep up that attitude! I think it should always be more important to reply with a "ty" to a "n1" than to prevent yourself falling off a map :o)
My Xonstats Profile
Latest track on soundcloud: Farewell - to a better Place (piano improvisation)
New to Xonotic? Check out the Newbie Corner!



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