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Seeking art for Xonotic based project

Thanks, aa that's some solid feedback Big Grin

I've realised how slow and sluggy is this track, after I came to listen to it after "Taste Thermite". I gotta kick up the tempo and rehash this one too. But that'd be some other day. Seeping time!
[Image: BSF48.png][Image: HMITP48.png][Image: S48.png][Image: TLT48.png]

(06-05-2014, 01:07 PM)aa Wrote: This has got some nice sounding parts, but generally it is quite dull. Could use some more interesting stuff and a faster pace. Around 2:50 and afterwards is cool, could use more of that, but more and faster.

4:25 and the like don't actually fit for a fast paced game.
5:21 is also too slow, if sped and juiced up could be much better.

Yes, you said it is non-complex, but that makes it less interesting in my opinion.

In the very begging, i think it could be slightly heavier or contrasting.

1:08, the "dzing" sound could be used more.

Just tried playing with it, and it creates a calming feeling, not sure it fits in the current state.
I think some heavier parts and higher notes in some places will make it better.

I've just started a version A01 based on v. 10 - I've rised the tempo from 133 to 144 (feels faster but no unnatural - I tried 150 and I didn't feel good to me).

Also I'm gonna rework some stuff and try adding much variation and some more interesting and aggressive parts.

I'm bearing your feedback in mind, aa - thank you for that Smile
[Image: BSF48.png][Image: HMITP48.png][Image: S48.png][Image: TLT48.png]

I've created a separate thread for "Rocket Jump" developement to not clutter this one:
[Image: BSF48.png][Image: HMITP48.png][Image: S48.png][Image: TLT48.png]

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