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[SOLVED] Drain missing texture bug, anyone who'll fix it?

Drain has a tiny place with a missing texture above a door.
I'm hoping someone might be willing to fix it.

(See )


Since it is not something you normally see, I think it is exactly as the mapper intended. Its not uncommon to put caulk onto surfaces like that, that only the most exploring players like you will notice.

So I am not sure if this needs "fixing"
[Image: 0_e8735_c58a251e_orig]

Mappers deliberately leave out faces from some brushes players don't/aren't supposed to normally see in hopes to improving performance, shrinking file size, decreasing build time or something like that.

I fixed it. (not in master yet)

cool! thanks.

Caulking areas like that made itself more or less useless when realtime lightning was introduced. Caulking like that can lead to strange lighting artifacts (or at least that was the case in Id Tech 4, can't say with Darkplaces as I haven't tested that part of it yet).
Plus, polies are cheap to render these days so that odd poly you save there aren't going to do any meaningful difference. Actually it can cause slowdowns instead in cases where it messes with the lighting.

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