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[Mod] Antiwall

Mod that adds "dynamic" wall entity. It can be useful if you want wall (or floor) which can appear or disappear when activated by trigger. Also, alpha-channel of this entity depends on distance to player. Maybe this will be useful if someone will decide to make Antichamber-like puzzle game based on Xonotic (actually, I'm trying to).
Source code.
Compiled map and QC code (updated)
BTW, can water with reflections be visible through warpzone? I understand that this can be an impact on performance, just asking.

Very interesting concept, nice work!
The code is a good start, there are some tweaks I would make (like the use of cvar_set... could probably be a field variable instead, e.g. self.antiwall_deactivated).
[Image: 230.png]

Oh, nice, Antichamber has some nice mechanics, nice to see that implemented and get opened some new possibilities Big Grin. Nice job.
erebus minstanex erebus Angel

Thank you all. Little update: removed usage of cvars, fixed weird bug, added ability of making several antiwalls work separately. So, now they can be used for rebuilding walls around player (example).
Probably there are some unneeded variable assignments, but at least it works now. Previously there were situations where self.solid on server and client had different value.

By the way, there's an in-game video recording function, that can export to either .avi or .ogv (latter being much smaller);
Easiest way is to bind a key to the cvar toggle, for example: bind X "toggle cl_capturevideo", you can then press X at the start, and again when you're done.
The format can be handled with one of the cl_capturevideo* cvars (you can press tab instead of typing * to see the full list of cvars in console).

Nice work on the mod so far, should look into getting it merged into the main game once it's a bit more polished.
[Image: 230.png]

I know about video recording function, just wasn't able to find suitable parameters previously (now figured out that AVI recording eats much less CPU).
About merging: I think I'd better create new entities, something like func_clientantiwall and func_clientantiillusionary (weird names, not sure about them), and separate their code from code of func_clientwall and func_clientillusionarry to not affect them. BTW, is it possible to give entity alternative short name in NetRadiant? A kind of alias.
Also, not sure how this would work in multiplayer. Needs testing.

I have maxed-out Ogg Theora settings posted on the blog here: (under "The Setup") if you're interested.
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

Indeed, would be good to separate them from the standard wall code.
I don't know of any aliases for NetRadiant, but one trick would be to copy the func_clientwall stuff in netradiant/install/
This would allow you to use the antiwall from right click menu and any other places listing available entities.

AVI recording may be quicker (useful for realtime recording), but the resulting file will be huge.
[Image: 230.png]

(04-21-2015, 07:23 AM)Antibody Wrote: I have maxed-out Ogg Theora settings posted on the blog here: (under "The Setup") if you're interested.
Didn't help much, but anyway thank you.

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