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Hola CTF players!

I'm from Latvia (small country near Baltic Sea) and CTF is my passion since Quake 3: Team Arena. So Xonotic with its soundtracks drives me crazy (in a good sense) for 4 months already (on TheRegulars). Would be great to meet more CTF people here and discuss tips, tricks, configuration tips to boost performance and share gameplay highlight videos. Now I'm interested in tweaking graphics. If anyone knows how to make buildings grey in map, i'd be very greatful! Smile
Saying hi to c66, Venhemence.exe, TRS-80, Modzho, idling guy, element.pati, my clones and Kult! Big Grin

Welcome to the game and the forums!

I like regular CTF, too. I remember playing quite a few of regular CTF games 3 or 4 months ago with 10+ other players. Lately the trend for CTF seemed to turn to vehicle and instagib, which are also very fun, but different.


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