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[SUGGESTION] Team-members grouping improvement

I feel like the CTF team-members grouping or any gamemode that uses teams need to have a improvement*. I feel it should group us base on our to get a equally scale game, instead of on the numbers of players. But you would need to create a good balance between thous members. Why this need to be done? I had games that it will group on good players, and the other not so good.

Here is my

How do you include clients who are not listed on ?

Would 7 bad players vs 3 good players be fair? Can the stats differentiate aimbots vs teamplayers?

Some ideas come to mind:
  • Warm up round with banner encouraging team building (time based so you don't have to wait for people not ready-ing up)
  • Vote to randomize team, so if it starts to get unfair you call the vote
  • Random teams with a tiny bit of stats-bias, both in beginning and vote

Spaceman true, that sounds unfair.

Spaceman you would do it by their percentages. And find it somehow the most even team members. I feel at most it should be 2:1 on each team. So maybe for every player on a team, the team point percentages goes up by 7%.

I hate games that herd players like sheep when it comes to team games. From my experience, playing CTF on a pub requires the currently playing people to stay on the server for a while and after few unbalanced games the players often come up with reasonable self organized teams. It becomes obvious after few games which players are good attackers and defenders, it's easy to discuss some kind of balance with the players. Players get equally tired of losing and winning too easily/fast, that's how balancing happens by itself over time. You don't need any kind of herding machine for that.

Team games on public servers are impossible to balance perfectly every time on every game. That's how it's always been and will always be, with match making or not. Xonotic being a shooter with complex mechanics does certainly not help in that either.

(09-12-2015, 03:39 PM)Spaceman Wrote: How do you include clients who are not listed on ?
You don't. And what stats really tell us is not who's the best, rather who plays the most. If you base balance on that, nothing will essentially change.
(09-12-2015, 03:39 PM)Spaceman Wrote: Can the stats differentiate aimbots vs teamplayers?
There's no aimbotters in Xonotic and if there were they'd be kicked out quite fast because players like that rarely go unnoticed in our small community. As for teamplayers, that's a hard one.

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