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[Solved] Make Xonotic Truly Portable?

Hello! I'm new to the forums, so please excuse me if I'm in the wrong area, or if this has been answered somewhere already. I looked around and didn't find anything, nor did I find a search feature. Confused

Anyway, my question is: Is there a way to truly make Xonotic portable? I know that the .zip you download contains everything you need to run it, and so it's portable in that sense. However, the config files are saved to the computer's <CurrentUser>/Saved Games/xonotic directory (at least on Windows 7). Is there some easy to make change, or alternative config file that can be edited to change that folder to something relative to the executable's path?

As an example, I use some other games like ZDaemon and Zandronum. Both of which have a config file they store in the game's directory that I can modify to place all other files (WADs) into a directory of my choosing, including something like "./wads" to put it in a subfolder of the executable's directory.

EDIT: Well nevermind. I guess I missed it when I first looked. The answer is in this thread:
However, I can't seem to delete this post. Mods, some help please?

It's ok, I just marked the topic as "solved". Others may have the same question and find the solution in your edit.
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