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Tutorial video for absolute newbies

Hi all,

I've helped a few new players by demonstrating how different weapons work, how bunny hops are faster than walking, what the mega health looks like, how to jump with blaster, etc. Then I wondered why we don't already have some tutorial video?

A quick search gave me this list of tutorials. I especially like the shotgun one:

Halogene's guide is beyond wonderful, but I feel there's still a gap we need to fill. Halogene's guide is for those who already like the game enough to learn more, and for those who are dedicated enough to learn by reading. For total newbies, I think we need a short video that covers only the essentials, such as:
  • how to join a game?
  • how to vote in game
  • wasd and jump
  • bunny hop
  • how to collect items/weapons
  • how to shoot and switch weapons
  • what are health and shields
  • where to learn more

Do we already have such a video? Any other questions you think should be covered?

Blaster Jumping should be covered as you mentioned in the beginning, and essentials like devastator guiding and remote detonation (as those are features that are easy to explain and can be used to stirr interest in other not-so-bleeding-obvious features). You might also explain the electro combo as it is very suitable to show off in a tutorial due to the impressive WOOSH effect. Default chat key and basic netiquette of Xonotic community could be mentioned too. We could make it a "Xonotic for Dummies" video Xo]
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I was possibly planning on making a series like this in depth. Figures someone would beat my lazy ass to the punch Big Grin
[Image: 38443.png]

If you guys make the clips, I'd be happy to contribute my voice if that helps!
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Good feedback! How about these (incorporating some of Halogene's ideas)?
  • Setup profile
  • Join an online game (choose server, spec, choose team)
  • Chat (chat, team chat, netiquette)
  • Movement (mouse, WSAD, jump, blaster jump, bunny hop)
  • Weapon overview (collect, ammo, shoot, secondary, switch)
  • Items (health, shield, ammo, power up, buff)
  • Vote in game (F1/F2, end-of-game voting)
  • Stats
  • To learn more (guide, forum, irc)

I think for this very video, we should keep it short and simple though. The detail of each weapon might be too overwhelming for absolute newbies. SPLAT's in-depth videos can fill that gap. Thoughts?

Antibody, are you sure you want to overdub your voice after the videos are made? Wouldn't it be simpler for you to do it yourself while you are narrating (so you don't have to match the timing)? I'm not volunteering you. I'm just trying to figure out what would be the most feasible way to do it.

Shall we just make a rough one and go from there? Or is it less costly to have a sound plan and execute it once?

I'm hoping the final polished version to have:

1. Onscreen keystroke/button display, and possibly picture-in-picture mouse movement.

2. Subtitles. So non-native speakers can use tools to translate them into their own languages.

PS: SPLAT, I found this post by machine!, which includes this excellent movement tutorial, which is actually beyond the scope of the video I'm thinking in this post, but you may find it useful for your more in-depth project. Another post I found also has videos but they are invalid.

It might actually be a waste of time atm with the weapon arsenal and balancing getting some rearranging lately or in the future. Any metagame related tutorial/tips would be better though, it's the part of the game that most people don't understand.

Overdubbing voice tracks isn't too bad, provided the source clips are of sufficient length. The idea is to have a little bit of "leeway" in the clips to extend or shorten them if needed. This is how the original movement tutorial was done.
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

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