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[SUGGESTION] Xonotic Cinematics - Camera Option HELP

Hey guys i need little help, so i need to add cinematics to XWC frag video but i cant find proper solution to capture cameras.There is only few cvars available

I found this video but those cvars are not ingame, maybe someone knows how to enable them? (that would be perfect) Big Grin

For develepers:

What i need is:

- To make 2 camera points or more so there is a path for camera
- Camera playback (So we can review camera)
- Depth of Field option
- Jump back in demo if i miss something
- Change color of enemy


Here is sample what i was able to do but i need more options:

Some 4k 60fps quality test:
metsu ZeRoQL (Stats) - <@nifrek> true, I guess in tdm you also dont always have your perfect choice of weapon, especially when ZeRoQL is controlling nex Dodgy
KILLING X ZONE - Xonotic community movie


I'm confused about the cvar comment - which ones are missing? I've never seen any options regarding camera "tracks" or similar.
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

I guess you ask for the never-finished feature discussed here:

(12-06-2016, 12:23 PM)Antibody Wrote: I'm confused about the cvar comment - which ones are missing? I've never seen any options regarding camera "tracks" or similar.
It's a filming technique where you choose camera locations marked by time and when you playback the demo, the game will automatically move the camera from point A/time 1 to point B/time 2 as smoothly as possible. It automatically does the repositioning and angle movement in many ways that would be impossible with freecam movement. Not sure if that is the 100% exact explanation how it would work in Xonotic, but it's how it's implemented in Reflex for instance. Here's what videos done with it looks like:


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