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[SUGGESTION] New server list option

From another thread, straight into this one. It's magic!

I request a new checkbox in the server list that reads "Include race servers". It will be UNCHECKED by default. This will make it harder to find because new players will most likely not join it at the first go.

Personally I do not think this option is actually needed, but it seems some folks are under the impression that:

- The CTS server is a distraction to other (new) players who would otherwise play on different servers. They would love what they see and hang around, even on an empty server.
- After seeing people have fun, talking to each other, complimenting each others records and having an altogether great time on the CTS server, these newbies are scared away from the game for good.

This is awful of course, because when the players who hate on CTS finally DO start playing Xonotic themselves, they would like hordes of noobs on the servers waiting to be fragged.

Anyway, if this new option proves them wrong it would secretly amuse me a great deal. If it proves they were right I will count my losses and Xonotic will become the Most Popular Thing Ever.
"Yes, there was a spambot some time ago on these forums." - aa

CTS is cancer that kills /xon/ !11


How about "Hider servers with >200 ping"? or whatever number we would want, 300 might be more realistic. Just something to keep the Argentina servers out of Finland player's list Tongue

Only reason this might not work is that server list doesn't always update all that often, if you have a bad blip, then it might not show servers that are regularly good ping.

Why not just put in a bunch of filter options for hiding gametypes and pings?

Oh wait.

+1 for hiding cts servers by default!

Well you can already sort by ping and gametype, but those are options not know to the newbie. This is specifically about taking the heat off of CTS, which as Lord Canistra rightly says is singlehandedly 'destroying Xonotic' by being there and being popular.

Anyway: my request is a serious one. Once Xonotic playerbase has matured (in each and every respect) it could be removed again.
"Yes, there was a spambot some time ago on these forums." - aa

I suggest making "Hide empty servers" checked by default.

(sorry, couldn't resist, I actually laughed out loud while typing that.)

Race CTS indeed is a cancer. GET IT OUT OF THE SERVER LIST TODAY.

Without any doubt race drove off THOUSAND OF PLAYERS.


In this case a "Hide The Only Really Active Server" checkbox would be needed :p Wait, was this your joke too nifrek?

I do realize it's almost the same as the other 'solution' sv_public 0, where you would get your CTS fix under the counter while peering through a hole in the newspaper... Questioning why the hell you were addicted in the first place and people around you looking at you like you have a disease.
"Yes, there was a spambot some time ago on these forums." - aa

+1 for hiding cts server by default. "I request a new checkbox in the server list that reads "Include race servers". It will be UNCHECKED by default."
Thats sort of solution.

Lads, are you serious? Removing cts server? You know I am aganist. There is no clear reason for geting rid of it so far.

Good thing it will never be included then ;0
"Yes, there was a spambot some time ago on these forums." - aa

Lets be honest. We r all jelly just because CTS often has active players while every other server is empty.


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