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Oh Hey, I'm Xator, I'd like to Introduce myself

Hello guyyyyss it is Xator from France Big Grin

So I am new to this community even if I know this game for 1 year right now but in the past I couldn't join the community and I reported the issue to Mirio on the IRC Cool BUT I didn't come back and during this year I didn't play this game at all...

A N Y W A Y, I am there and I am motivate to try hard this game (hehe). So let's introduce myself, as the first line said, my nick is Xator and I am French, I am 16 (god dammit, a young guy again Wink ). Then errr... well... Ok I am not inspired so I'll make it a bit different, I'll create some question you may ask yourself; Let's gooo :

"Hey Xator ! What's up ? " : I am good but I wasn't expecting such question oO

[Let's be serious a moment pleeease]

"How did you find Xonotic ?" : I found this game while seeking a "quake-like" for a LAN tournament in my HighSchool (I've also contacted Mirio for that in the IRC and he found the idea pretty cool if I remind well) sadly it didn't happened :/

"Okey, so you found this game for a LAN great but, why are you coming back then ?" : Well I'll be honest I'm a true eSport fan but in these times... the eSport community is really shitty on some games such like CS:GO and LoL, I was a player of CS:GO, but the community made me run away of this game. So I played TrackMania (I am still playing it) and I love the community and the gameplay, but I don't see myself doing eSport on it. So this morning, I got a pretty decent idea : let's test xonotic, so I tested it, the gameplay is truly great and the community I don't know Big Grin I didn't see a lot of player soo... I hope I've answered your question (Oh my god this is so schizophrenic XD)

Next !

"Hey Xator ! I saw that if you left some games such like CS:GO it was because of the community, so what are you really expecting from the Xonotic's community ?" : Well, activity (not a lot but still, being alone isn't very good, I don't know how big is the Xonotic's community so I can't say), friendly members, community contribution (like self-organize tournament, when I look how's trackmania doing this is crazy, the community is so creative :o ) and eSport activity (regular league/tournament with a ladder etc.). I don't know if the Xonotic's community is likek that but, before knowning, I prefer hoping Big Grin

*Taking a look at the clock*


*Taking a look at the clock*




[Let's conclude shiet]

Hehe it might be the eeend [huuurry up Xator !!]

So I hope you enjoyed my little presentation, as you guessed, I'll try my best to be one of the best (in some decades of course) and tomorrow I'll read the whooole part on the team in Xonotic, the strats etc.

If you have some question/feedback to give, don't hesitate I'd love answered them Smile

Thanks for reading this,

See ya boys Wink



[sorry for my poor english Confused]

Welcome to Xonotic, Xator!

There's a few servers that tend to get lots of players at regular times, but the usual issue for many is that ting times can still separate groups, particularly with weapons modes (less so with insta/minsta, but still happens).

That said, don't let high pings discourage you from joining a server and checking it out. At the very least you'll get to see who is out there, what's being played, etc etc. And hey, you never know, you might even find it's not too bad and cause enough mayhem to swing a game or two. Wink

Have Fun!
[Image: 21975.jpg]

Quote:“To summarize the summary of the summary: people are a problem.” - Douglas Adams

We're pretty active as far as arenaFPS is concerned. We have plenty of IRC channels on quakenet were we organize games and such. #xonotic.pickup #xonotic.duel is where you wanna be. Welcome Smile
[Image: 38443.png]

Welcome Xator

Hope you stay for long and enjoy!

[Image: 39855.png]

Hello. Wink

[MoFo] Servers - North America - Hosted in Montreal Canada - Admin DeadDred [MoFo]

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