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Poll: What do you think about a Gravity Hammer
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[DISCUSSION] Gravity Hammer

Hi, while playing a bit with Xonotics movement i thought a bit about loosing speed when doing hard turns, and i thought in real live you can spin around your own axis when using a heavy weight as counterbalance..
Therefore i though about the idea of a Gravity Hammer, that probably even increases rotation speed around your own (vertical) axis until a certain time or equilibrium point and after that you loose control of your movement, so you may not use it endless, just like the hagar, that will fire itselve if secondary is hold too long.
That Weapon could also be regarded as a melee attack weapon, hiting other players when using it or probably even draw them a bit in because of the gravitational forces when they are too near.
A design looking like Mjölnir ( ) would be nice, but because it's essentially a gravity device it could also just be the secondary mode of the laser.

Technically what you're saying is already what's going on in Xonotic's movement. You literally gain speed if you turn both on air or ground - more so than you would normally if you just moved and jumped linearly with forward key.

Also, here's some quick (not perfect) facts about the movement:

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