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Turn off Frag-jingle

That ringing-like or jingling sound playing when you score a frag.

The one I've been hearing since the update.
I don't like it since the sound effect seems to last longer than the hit one.
Don't see something for it in the sound options.

It should last longer - it's the kill sound, not a regular hit.

That said, someone is working on a better sound for it, but no option exists to turn it off yet.
[Image: 230.png]

You can probably add more impact to it without affecting the duration. I see the kill sound is a sesquisecond in length and the hit sound is roughly a quarter of a second.
I'm just thinking that after someone dies, I should be clearly listening for any other sounds in the map asap, rather than lasting sfx of the kill I just got a second ago.

I've already made a new kill sound a few weeks ago and using it in vanilla config.

I've added it to post.

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