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Per Weapon Effect Brushes?

A while ago when I was making my first maps I thought about designing the level around per-weapon effects.

E.g water that get electro'd or defracts the Vortex's photon beam (I have no idea what the beam actually is, but I've attributed it to being a light based weapon despite the two rails on it conventionally for electromagnetic force pushing the projectile), or reinforced glass that blocks bullets or explosives but light can pass through.
Or at least no-hook surfaces like Thief.

I know in Quake 1 you can zap yourself if you shoot the lightning gun at water, and Xonotic seems to do that just fine.

Some of the pages here are empty.

About stopping bullets, keep in mind that MG, rifle and similar hitscan weapons can penetrate walls, many mappers forget about it and then buttons can be triggered that way that weren't meant to. There are surfaces that stop them - e.g. the forcefields on newtonian-nightmare (but not in all versions of xon - everything here has bugs)

About wiki, yep, there were some renames (some of them mine but i was careful) that broke things. I have the impression that some pages never existed though. You can clone the wiki repo and look among the .md files yourself. If you find some of the missing files, please, ask for access on IRC and fix the links.
[Image: 30381.jpg]

<packer> when i see martin-t's name my blood pressure increases

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There is the "surfaceparm noimpact" shader's directive.

It makes the surface "immune" to projectiles -including the Hook- and is typically used in skybox shaders.

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