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A guide for people who are ENTIRELY new to map making

Hey all!
I made this video (Part 1: (Part 2: as part of my Open Source class at my University where we had to contribute in some way to an open source project.

When teaching myself this stuff I found that 90% of the links were either dead or contained outdated info.
I hope you find this video helpful, please leave feedback on what topic you would like to see covered next or if you think I missed something important!

I myself am still learning the ins and outs, so if you have other mapping resources that you'd like to see converted into a video format post it here. Someone told me in discord that there is a better compiled version of NetRadiant but I was having trouble getting that to work.

Also since the official wiki uses this version I feel like its the version most newcomers will first encounter.


Xonotic Gitlab Wiki

Xonotic Mapping Introduction

My textures don't load!

I don't know if/why you have to put the mapping pk3 into Xonotic\data on windows, but that might be win10 related. The Linux path in the wiki works for sure.

About the videos:
1. They end very suddenly, a small outro would be good
2. Text is quite hard to read when it's pixelated, I think it's best to have your screen resolution and the video resolution match. Maybe also enable HiDPI/textscaling for better readability
3. The gamesound is way louder than you in the end.
4. For video tutorials, having notes on a second screen are a big help

I know that many people only look at youtube for tutorials, but for small communities like us, one central wiki is easier to maintain then several small tutorials made by individuals, posted on different platforms. We should primarily work on making the gitlab wiki complete and always up-to-date. Linking a few high-quality video tutorials from youtube in the wiki is OK though.

Thank you for investing your time into making Xonotic better

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