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I baked my 8800GT and fixed it

It's all true.
It was broken, purple lines on the screen, nvidia software was not talking to it.
It was sad, cold and falling apart.
So I stripped off the heatsink and fan, and the metal strip along the back, fired up oven set to about 190 oc, then went to the shops to get some foil.
Now common wisdom says 200 oc but this oven is fan assited, oddly enough I have never used this oven before as I just moved house.
So I went for about 190.
Foiled a big sturdy oven tray and some foil balls to rest it on, capacitors and chips down, pins and solder up.
Wisdom a la google says 10 minutes, or 8 ... my nerve broke at about 7.
Opened door and switched it off, looking out for exploding capacitors.
Cooled for 20 mins, put it back in pc without fan and heatsink, turned on pc for like 5 seconds and saw no artifacts.
Reattached fan and sinks, got no thermal paste, figured it will be ok for a little while.
It works.
I'm still :o 7 hours later.
Flies will move in soon.
"the best trolls are indistinguishable from idiots"

Nice dude! That's just obnoxiously amazing! Big Grin

Interesting, I've never heard of this method before. I guess it resolders the connections, though I have no idea why they would deteriorate.
(07-18-2010, 10:59 AM)Flying Steel Wrote: How could anyone with ADHD tell its a high damage weapon if it wasn't a gigantic metal cock fucking the map whenever a player gets within 3 meters of a wall?

[Image: di-712770583645.png]

Oh hai Rad!

You lucky funloving toaster you! Thats great! Big Grin
I've heard about five people that have tried to fix their graphiccard this way, two were successful and three, well... not at all. So this makes it 3-3!

Just for the protocol:
Alas, this is a last resort and not something one should attempt when:

"Oh noes I cant has xyz framerate111!!))))))" *puts graphiccard in oven 200c, winds eggtimer and prays to some deity of choice*

I read about that somewhere. Apparently they use a real cheap solder when they manufacture these things and cooking the card will resolder and put some life back in it.

Oh wait.

I have heard that this works with laptop motherboards too

I think some lead free solders don't hold up well and develop fractures.

See? Everything's better when cooked.
4m038105 - Be the change.

From now on, I shall use this as justification to microwave the laptop of anyone who logs a hardware fault for a stupid reason. Though, lead-free solder sometimes sprouts tin or silver whiskers which on something like a graphics card will short circuit everything to everything else.

Gratz Rad Ished! Next time ez up on the salt tough Wink

(08-13-2010, 07:43 AM) Wrote: From now on, I shall use this as justification to microwave the laptop of anyone who logs a hardware fault for a stupid reason.
Harrahaha excellent Tongue

Won't last for a long time. 6 weeks or letz say 10 if you're lucky, then you go and buy a new one. Sorry for having to tell you rad. If you're lucky you can already get the upcoming GTS450 at that time.
del fin

what? does this really work?
let's try!
*rainerzufalldererste puts screen in the toaster
*smells like toasted screen!
just kidding!
I cant hurt my screen!
I love you <3
*rainerzufalldererste hugs screen
oh F***!!! It Broke!!! Wink
ok... just kidding again
[Image: 788.png]

RainerEiner, You might lose a kidney if You keep kidding like that. (just kidding! Big Grin)
4m038105 - Be the change.

OK, so it went for a month and 12 days. Went crazily again today Sad
So back in the oven and it's up and running again. Big Grin
"the best trolls are indistinguishable from idiots"

May I suggest the addition of a counter in your signature for that?

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