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How can we make Xonotic more popular?

I'm a YouTuber who plays Xonotic, same with Mental Outlaw, who played it a while ago.

How to make it more popular?

Treat people with kindness and respect Smile

Improve internationalization effort & quality, spread the word to the world!

That true have good translation & localization. But most importantly, it’s cultural communication, which is deep in people’s heart — yes, kindness & respect wins commercial tricks.

The first, most important, thing to do is make it so that people understand the game mechanics so they don't get frustrated and leave.

There is an effort to get a proper tutorial in game here:
With the most recent prototype being here:
And I've summarized the things that still need to be done and some of my thoughts in this reply:

Seeing as the prototype was posted in 2020, the thread needs some love.
Any mappers willing to help would be appreciated!!
Still no idea what I am doing, but I'm not gonna stop any time soon.

Hi, I have not interacted with this community in over a decade but I'm here now and I'd like to share my thoughts. When I started playing Nexuiz in 2008, I got very deep into it primarily due to extremely helpful players who would go far out of their way to tutor me despite the fact I had no experience with FPS games at the time. I remember I was tutored by -z-, Grasshopper, Moo, and others who were very happy to share their knowledge with me and even go so far as to give me personal lessons on servers such as the Nexuiz Ninjaz Dojo.

I think that just being warm, friendly, helpful, and kind to new players will help grow and maintain a playerbase the same way it encouraged me to stick around three years.
I love the game's adrenaline-pumping, fast paced style, but the warmth of the community is the real icing on the cake.

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