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Crazy... Later on this month will mark the tenth year anniversary

Crazy to think about, later in the month will mark the tenth anniversary of when this fork was announced. I still remember that fateful day when a certain someone and his crew stormed the old game's forums and got everyone riled up (to the point of the forums being laggy to the point of being unusable) and as much as I typically hate to hold a grudge, I still smirk quite a bit whenever I see them put out failure after failure. Anyway it's interesting to take a look back and reflect all that has happened over the past decade. Reflect on things such as the amount of work that has been done to this title, the ridiculous amount of improvements it's received (even if most of them are under the hood, it's still crazy to look at) over the previous game that most of us fell in love with, as well as other things not related to it such as the decline of arena shooters in general, and the death of FPS Z (Tribes Ascend in particular). I personally have a lot of fond memories of the old game, and while I have less for Xonotic (sadly real life really got in the way and this fork for whatever reason really hasn't taken off yet), I still have had some fun moments online in it as well.

Oh wait.

Yes. The game is exactly ten years old. So many interesting things have been done over the years. New interface , new players and maps. And it's also nice to see how the official Nexuiz maps were redesigned .
What happened to Nexuiz Classic is very sad , and I'm glad that some developers didn't quit it , and now I can play this great game. Now it is a game made by the people and supported by the community from different parts of the world . And even if the community is not as large as we would like , it is very friendly and native.
Happy Xonotic anniversary ! And let all the difficulties and obstacles we will be able to overcome , and we will be able to support this game for many years to come!
Heart Heart  С наилучшими пожеланиями! Heart Heart


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