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Slowmo Matches?


today we've been playing some matches in slow motion with FAF on his server, using the slowmo command. It's pretty fun.

I don't know if this has been explored before, but I think it has potential -- depending on how much you slow down the game becomes different in that you get much more accuracy and time to plan ahead, ultimately becoming more of a strategy game. Not everyone will like this of course, but it's like with defrag I guess, something like a new genre.

Imagine e.g. a small map with many players in 0.2 slowdown -- you don't rely on your reaction speed but rather on thinking about what weapon to switch to next, who to target, where to make the next step etc. Another fun thing is that when you play back a recorded demo, it is normal speed, making you look like a complete pro. Of course you can speed the game up as well.

Anyone thought about making a server for slowmo matches? Or perhaps making it a votable vcall command?

That's an interesting idea, actually! I believe it would be quite challenging to make proper strafe turns and strafe jumping with high mouse sensitivity....
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It has been played around with in the past on my servers actually! While it is fun for a short time, it may be a stretch to dedicate a server to it. Votes are a possibility, though I personally see it as something best left to the admin to fiddle with at the right times.
Of course, you're welcome to do as you please on your server, you never know what crazy times can be had when you uncover things like this.
Best of luck to you there!
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I'm loving it. I have a bad reaction . And in slow motion, it will be much easier. I don't know how much demand it will be. But I think it's worth a try.
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We need slowmo nexball.
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(03-25-2020, 05:26 AM)drummyfish Wrote: Anyone thought about making a server for slowmo matches? Or perhaps making it a votable vcall command?

Thank you Drummyfish, yea, it's fun indeed, kinda relaxing actually.

I have added slowmo votes to the server, both below and above normal speed; 0.2 - 0.8 and 1.1 - 1.5.

Call a vote with "vcall slowmo2" for 0.2, "vcall slowmo3" for 0.3, etc. For speed "vcall slowmo11" for 1.1, etc. To reset  to 1.0 "vcall slowmo1".

Now we need some fresh updated [nb] Basketball maps. Those I have tested are not up to date and they show a lot of errors in the console.

Actually, we only need ONE good Basketball map, which rocks Smile

Please beware that there are untested maps on the server, which might cause some grieff. I remove the bad ones as we progress, and add more bad maps as we go along Smile

-stay tuned

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