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[weaponmodel] Sniper / Xonrifle

My problem with the model is that it looks small for a weapon that is supposed to be pretty destructive.

Roanoke Wrote:I would reduce the scope size and not make it pure white.

Yeah, I only tested it in the blender glsl viewport, DiaboliK, you gonna need to make the Emit / Spec / Reflection map darker until it fits the need of darkplaces.So we'll get a display with some texture too =)

With a smaller displaysize the whole model may be scaled up, what could solve the "looks-small" issue. If it stills looks weird I could add some detail tomorrow.
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(08-16-2010, 12:02 PM)Roanoke Wrote: I would reduce the scope size and not make it pure white.
exact same remarks.

Also, the white thing could widely mask the barrel in case of centered weapon view.

the scope should have a full white reflect shader on it just like on the hlac, that would look cool if the scope is that big

yeah! Kay is right! Like the idea!
[Image: 788.png]

Here's a screenshot of what I meant. I think it looks big enough now.

[Image: 4c6ac280c0d0c.png]

I made the display smaller and scaled some parts to look better in the first person view.
You can get a *.blend with the changes here.

@DiaboliK: You might apply an edge-split modifier to get rid of the smoothing artifacts.
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Sorry to say, I don't like it a lot... looks uncomfortable to hold. maybe if the fore-grip were bigger it could be distinguished from the barrel...

Anyway I give you kudos, especially on the texturing, it's better than I could have done.
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that's damn nice Sahib Tongue

In normal mode we should use the big one (Oblivion's), so compared to other weapons it looks stronger, while in minsta, this is the default weapon anyway and u can't change it, so we should use the slim/small weapon (Bommel's).

Nice! Looks pretty for the Camping Rifle imo Smile
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It's very nice but i'm not sure if I really like it for anything more than a minstanex. I do not think it should replace Oblivions model, as I think that model is better (especially for the use of Nexgun) but it definitely could replace the minstanex model.

And I would disagree Diabolik, the whole point of the minstanex is that it packs a powerful punch in a small handheld weapon. Besides, I swear if minstanex takes up 40% of my screen just like the mortar, I will just disable drawing the model altogether as it's just a giant nuisance at that point. (Though Bommels model is perfectly sized -- except perhaps for the scope -- but, mostly no worries there)

Very nice Big Grin
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