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[MAP] Space Garbage


this is my very first map at which I just wanted to learn how mapping works, but I also wanted to make it a valid playable map. Layout is pretty simple, which can be a good thing -- I think it can be good for some relaxing deathmatches.

Thanks to the people at IRC for all the advice.

Bot waypoints included.

This map, as everything I create, is completely public domain under CC0, meaning you can do absolutely anything with it. Go on and modify it however you like.

I also used my own textures from another project. They are purposefully very LQ, 32x32 in 256 colors and also completely public domain. I like simplicity and minimalism. If you don't like the look, go on and retexture it.

Feel free to give me feedback. I've played the map for a while and it seems to be working, but if there are issues that aren't too difficult to fix, I'll try to update this.


[Image: space-garbage.png]


This looks really promising, and I appreciate the upload. Just in case link rot seeps in (i.e. there’s an old map from Paul Evers, who did the original Soylent and other classic maps, which is no longer available on the Internet), I am going to the liberty of attaching a copy of the public domain map here.

Attached Files
.pk3   space_garbage.pk3 (Size: 1.62 MB / Downloads: 8)

Updated to version 1.1:

- fixed some geometry bugs
- added propaganda posters

Attached Files
.pk3   space_garbage_1-1.pk3 (Size: 1.95 MB / Downloads: 9)

Small, simple and funny, really funny map Wink

Thanks for your work, I have already enjoyed it in Jeff's Resurrection Server.

(06-11-2020, 08:22 AM)drummyfish Wrote: Updated to version 1.1:

- fixed some geometry bugs
- added propaganda posters

Some minor comments:

- The atached file doesn't include the banner textures.
- The place for /gfx folder is not inside the /map folder. It must be next to /map, /textures, /scripts, etc.

That naming tho. Like this really good strategy game that's called grey goo.

Nice map for a simple scenario like this!

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