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New Shotgun and Uzi models

Forum thread for discussing #836

6 years ago I worked on a now defunct mod from which I'm integrating a few parts into my new mod. Today as I was editing this mod, I noticed and remembered that long ago I imported two weapon models from OpenGameArt for the Shotgun and Uzi. I figured that after years of letting them sit on my drive, I'd go ahead and propose them for vanilla Xonotic. Both are license compatible (GPL 3.0 / CC-BY 3.0) with textures of equal quality to the previous models (1024px).

The new shotgun has a slicker and slightly alien design which I found more fitting for a variety of reasons, while the new Uzi is similar to the old design except a more detailed and good looking overall. They aren't perfect or much higher quality, but it felt like an improvement compared to the existing ones.

[Image: 57HGy8m.jpg][Image: K9Puije.jpg]
[Image: s7Cz8tw.jpg]
[Image: 89YgNWi.jpg]
[Image: FloNOIq.jpg]
[Image: ovkk1s2.jpg]
[Image: 2U3vCWF.jpg]
[Image: cRKYxwR.jpg]

What a wonderful models! I want them to be in vanilla Xonotic.
Good job, MirceaKitsune!
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(07-06-2020, 02:40 AM)Kotangens Wrote: What a wonderful models! I want them to be in vanilla Xonotic.
Good job, MirceaKitsune!

Thank you, and sorry again for nearly forgetting about them and being 6 years late to post this. I consider them slightly better compared to the old ones even if still mediocre; We need Morphed to help out once he has time to get back into modelling beautiful weapons again... till then however these would be an improvement.

The UZI will likely never get a better weapon model as there are plans to deprecate it eventually. The Shotgun as well as the Arc are pretty much the last two core weapons (ones intended to be found on maps) that require new meshes to match the style and quality of the new animated ones in Git.

Looks like these are a bit sharpened and with details, those models are well made, congrats!
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How do i get these into the game?
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(07-17-2020, 12:24 PM)Pendulla Wrote: How do i get these into the game?

Use the branch in my PR:

The uzi I would replace but i like the shotgun we already have more.

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