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You type: I make.

If you have ideas for models: Post them here. Drawings, text, photos, poems... I don't care unless it has good idea for a model this game needs. I am up for a challenge to create model for this game partially cause it sounds fun and partially for I know there could be more models for Mappers in the community. Haven't seen much vegetation/medival/futuristic styled models. I did some modeling in the past but it was done just for the maps I made so...

Just post your crazy ideas here and I will choose one of them and make it. Cu!

Ah. And one more thing:
1. Model should be unique
2. Can be used in many maps, meaning: Its modular and fits the Xonotic style. Not just one map
3. Ah, and try thinking of something architectural or vegetation like. I cannot make character models.

Manny Calavera

At least he pushes flowers if someone shoots at him, so vegetative = check?

Some kind of gel-filled cloning tank, or a cryo-chambers for spaceship like maps.

Some alien plants would be nice.
[Image: 230.png]

How about a new 3D quad and shield model? Ours looks like shit.
[Image: 38443.png]

(12-17-2015, 06:22 AM)SPLAT Wrote: How about a new 3D quad and shield model? Ours looks like shit.
There's already one for Quad, it's pretty nice actually. Dunno why it's not official yet.

[Image: ujmOJXL.png]

Ok. There are already a few good ideas. I would especially like to hear from active mappers as they are the ones to use the model. Just try to think of the model you would like to see in your maps and then write here. Wink

Cryo/clone/sleep tanks, some robot stuff, some crates, general purpose confusing tech stuff, computers, consoles, generators...

The general stuff to fill the maps with.

Justin, you are, judging by your work, well acustomed to texturing? I think I could do some modelling, with you doing texturing, to be more time efficient.
[Image: 0_e8735_c58a251e_orig]

Some sort of modular piece, like a generator with computer panels... Some pipes perhaps on one side so mapper can rotate it with different angles and get different result.

One side - circular panel with some glowing buttons
next side - generator itself, vertical, old, metalic but still functioning.
another side - set of pipes with different shapes
last side - sort of crate like thing with the little turbine exhosting sytem and additional computer panel.

I will most likely make a sketch. Can you make the model like this, aa?
However Do not model this beast generator yet. Let us wait for more ideas. What program are you using for modeling, aa?


I am thinking, that a good idea would be to make a large texture sheet, that could be reused to make a few different, but stylish the same way machines. So that one texture will have a set of different shapes it could be applied to. After that, a few versions of the texture could be made, with different colors etc to allow more variations by applying different texture to one model, using the frame option in NetRad. This will allow to have a much greater variations. Eg, if we make 3 models with one unique texture, we get 3 models. We make 3 models and 3 universal textures- we get 3*3=9 total variations.
[Image: 0_e8735_c58a251e_orig]

If we were to work together I'd suggest you make one model and I make another one and then we both are texturing them. Don't stop sending ideas, guys!

Here is something I quickly sketched based on what you said and rough (unfinished) model in 3dsMax.
As you can see I want to create an object that can be rotated and give different results each time...

[Image: szkice.jpg]

[Image: pralka.jpg]
In the end these are actually 3 seperate models: 1 large generator, computer with turbine and set of pipes (not done yet) I will post an update soon. Ah, and do not worry about polygons. There will be two versions of the model. One high poly and the other one low resolution with good texture set.

I like the idea of begining with texture, however we have to have something to apply that texture to, aa.

Do you fancy something like this? If you think it should be different just comment.

Thats very good for a rought 3d sketch...

I would like to write a detailed reply with constructive and destructive criticism, illustrations, logical thoughts, circuits, sketches, graphs, bar and pie charts, financial accounts, economical calculations, detailed analysis, blackjack and hookers but i am too tired for all of that...

I will just say that i pretty much like it and just post my own sketch shit,

[Image: 0_e01b7_9fae2dc6_XXL.jpg]

sorry for poor quality, my hands don't work properly...

And, yess, we totally need to be able to push opponents into the turbine blades to mince them
[Image: 0_e8735_c58a251e_orig]

Very nice looking guys. How about some big looking computer thingys for futuristic type maps?
[Image: 38443.png]

High quality is fine, you can include lower quality LOD models too (the crates and jumppads on dance are a good example of LOD in action).
[Image: 230.png]

Splat is right, aa I think we are going too much into specific industrial style. Remember this has to be a modular piece. I am tired as hell now myself but I managed one more drawing:

[Image: generatot.jpg]
...and model.
[Image: mega_cylinders.jpg]

Looking great so far!

Some animated stuff would be nice, ventilators, modern bellows (like this ), some kind of pumps (oilrig, ground-pounder for terrain maps?), wind turbines (maybe vertical like this: ), laser scanners for doorways etc.

In general some stuff to makes floors & stairs more interesting? Some modular floor grates with railing?

I have made a model for a low horizontal turbine.
[Image: 0_e01bb_9cda3350_XL.png]
[Image: 0_e01bc_adad57fc_XL.png]

I know that jet exhaust will look ridiculous in any tacitly or building, but i couldn't think of anything else for the end bit.
[Image: 0_e8735_c58a251e_orig]

@aa: uhm, yeah. Typical 3D doodle, sadly does not look like a functional device at all. This is an actual air turbine in a waste water treatment plant btw.:

Some sort of pressure/rocket fuel tank would be cool, kinda like this:

Hey, poVoq! Don't discourage my comodeler! Models don't have to be functional as they would be in real life! Thats a game after all and that means designers are free to remake reality as they please (as long as it fits the game's style of course)
I didn't have much time today (university stuff) however I jumped into 3dsmax just several minutes ago and started adding stuff. I like the idea of pipe holes,aa. I placed one of the pipes in one of them and I am happy for today. Good night everyone. Stay tuned!

[Image: next%20steps.jpg]

aa: I like your modeling. Try to make it more kind of modular perhaps? I was wondering if you could model the bottom element from my "version 2" or "pipes conector" from my last sketch?

Xonotic needs more high-quality mapmodels..
Most of the current ones were made for Nexuix, and don't fit with Xonotic's style.
IMO these models would be great after the texturing is done.

Lol that looks like a rooftop unit furnace/air conditioner combination with an economizer.
[Image: 38443.png]

Sorry, didn't mean to discourage anyone, but I know from own experience how easy it is to fall into the 3D doodle trap... always better to work closely with references or make awesome concept art Wink

What I mean btw is that it doesn't *look* functional, which is one of the principles of Sci-Fi design... of course it doesn't have to be functional :p

P.S.: Since CC-BY-SA 4.0 is now one way compatible with the GPL, it would be nice if all the models had that license instead of being stuck solely as GPL like so much of the Xonotic art assets.

We need to set up an accurate convention of how to make them modular. How big is a side of the base cube should be? Where to make holes to connect modular pipes? This sort of stuff.

Thinking in terms of QU, i think that the basic uni should be 64x64 qu. A standard qubic gen would be 128x128 then, and the fuel tanks seems like 128x192.
[Image: 0_e8735_c58a251e_orig]

Thanks, poVoq! I find this license very good. I hope it can coexist within GPL game.

Dear aa. You are approaching this subject as we were to make the whole set of models instead of two or three... I became a little anxious... And I thought I could've done one model and make everyone happy. I have new ideas, btw. I will post them soon. Stay tuned and don't stop sending ideas.

Nice one, Splat! Smile

Thanks, kaadmy. If you have anything in mind: Write it down. There is nothing we cannot make. The only thing that limits us is our imagination (hmm, and maybe polycount, but that is where optimsation comes in, don't worry about that)

Edit: Ah and ... It's good to be back. Even if just for a little while. I believe if we make this properly Xonotic could benefit.

@aa has a good turbine model; why not use it for pumping lava?
I think it would fit in industrial maps, and I'm currently making a map that the model would be handy in.

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