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Rocket Jump Zone x Zensports Xonotic Summer Bash

Greetings fellow Xonoticians,
Rocket Jump Zone and ZenSports are coming back to Xonotic with yet another massive tournament planned for us: The RJZ x ZenSports Xonotic Summer Bash!

[Image: x3-d3c36733.png]

Requirement to participate
  • All players must register on the ZenSports app, since the prize money will be awarded to you there (You can download the app here).
  • You must join the ZenSports discord.
General information
Date and time: June 5th at 20:00 CET
Bracket type: Double elimination
Max Slots: 16
Forfeit: 10 mins delay
Admins: Ch4mp, kanyeshrayz
Region: EU and NA

Map pool: Aerowalk, Darkzone, Silentsiege, Finalrage, Stormkeep, Downer, Fuse

Best of 1: Ban, Ban, Ban, Ban, Ban, Ban, Remaining map
Best of 3: Ban, Ban, Pick, Pick, Ban, Ban, Tiebreaker
Best of 5: Ban (L), Ban (W), Pick (L), Pick (W), Pick (L), Pick (W), Tiebreaker

There is no map advantage nor bracket reset.
Winner Bracket Winner gets map decider advantage.

I am certain that everyone knows the basic rules when it comes to participating in tournaments, so I won't write a whole essay here about it, however I do want to make a few things clear:
  • If a player disconnects during a match, the map victory will automatically go to the other player. A rematch can be played if both players agree. Exploiting this will result in a disqualification.
  • NA players are welcome to join this tournament, but the server will be EU WEST or NA EAST (if eu player allows).
Prize money 
1st place: $1000 + 2.5M SPORTS tokens + $3 per follow on stream. 
2nd place: $500 + 1M SPORTS tokens
3rd place: $250 + 750,000 SPORTS tokens
4rth place: $150 + 500,000 SPORTS tokens

5th-6th place: $100 + 350,000 SPORTS tokens
7th-8th place: $75 + 250,000 SPORTS tokens
9th-12th place: $50 + 100,000 SPORTS tokens
13th-16th place: $20 + 50,000 SPORTS tokens

NOTE All prizes will be paid out as credits to customers’ ZenSports accounts (either in USD, Bitcoin, ICX, or SPORTS). All withdrawal requests must be submitted directly within the ZenSports app. ZenSports does NOT offer third party payment options such as PayPal, Skrill, etc.


That's not all folks, ZenSports will also be giving away prizes to you as viewers:
  • (10) sums of 1,000,000 SPORTS tokens
  • (10) Steam gift cards
  • (5) Steam keys (decided by InTheKeep)
  • And finally…. If the ZenSports stream hits 100 viewers, ZenSports will award $500 in crypto to a random viewer.
You can have a chance to win all of this by reacting with the ? emote on kanyeshrayz latest post in #tourney-announcements in the ZenSports discord!

Rocket Jump Zone
[Image: 8848.png]

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