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XGL Summer 2014 - NA Duel League


Disclaimer: Galaxy website is still under contruction to assure that the league runs smoothly, as well as this thread, thank you!

Xonotic Galaxy League

Summer 2014

Hello and welcome all!  This is the beginning of a new era for competitive Xonotic!  srkdy and I present to you the Xonotic Galaxy League!  We have named it Xonotic Galaxy League because we will be using for showcasing the statistics and information, while using the Xonotic Forums for for our discussions!  This will be a 12 week league that will focus on the North American community.  We will be playing in 6 "fortnights" which each consist of 2 weeks.  Every fortnight, the player has to play 4 matches against 4 different players anytime they wish, then post the match results here in the forums.

They start now, but the LAST day to sign up will be June 9th, 2014.  You can post on this thread to sign up now.  North American players will be preferred over European players.  However, if spots don't all fill up with NA players, EU players are welcome to take those last spots Smile.

To sign up, you must provide:
 -Xonotic Username
 -E-mail address - email it to nvz, don't post it publicly (every 2 weeks we will send out mail letters)
 -Your Xonotic Stats Page
 -Your Play Schedule

 -Steam Username(Optional)

The league will start play on June 15th, 2014 and will end on September 6th, 2014.  Playoff weekend will be announced on July 5th, 2014, to make sure all players making the playoffs can play on the same weekend.


Preferably contact us through xonotic forums if we are not available on steam or IRC.


16 Players will be split into 4 divisions of 4 players.  Every 2 weeks, all of the players in the division will play each other once(best out of 3 maps) and play 1 player from another division.  We will also be offering a lower-experienced division for lesser experienced players.  It will be set up like this:

Division 1
1. smoke.dizzy
2. mile^nvz
3. smoke.srkdy
4. smoke.sp!nda

Division 2
1. mile^kromatic
2. smoke.Bolwind
3. kammy (SMB)
4. mile^SPLAT

Division 3
1. Floxy (SMB)
2. mile^Fireclaw
3. Komier
4. mile^Skiddzie

Backup Players (In case anyone drops)

Map Pool
Final Rage


Official Schedules and Divisions will be released Wendesday, June 11th, 2014.  We will go by 6 fortnights, which last 2 weeks a piece.  Every fortnite players will compete in the best of 3 against 4 players.  Three of the players will be played within the division, and the fourth will be played outside of the division.  Playoffs will be announced at the end of the season whenever we know who will be in it.  Our fortnite schedule will look like this:

Fortnight 1: June 15th - June 28th
Maps: Fuse, Stormkeep, Aerowalk
Fortnight 2: June 29th - July 12th
Maps: Fuse, Stormkeep, Bloodrun
Fortnight 3: July 13th - July 26th
Maps: Fuse, Fe26, Bloodrun
Fortnight 4: July 27th - August 9th
Maps: Final_Rage, Aerowalk, Bloodrun
Fortnight 5: August 10th - August 23rd
Maps: Final_Rage, Fe26, Warfare
Fortnight 6: August 24th - September 6th
Maps: Final_Rage, Aerowalk, Warfare
Playoffs: TBA

We will release the schedules will be released on June 11th.  IT IS THE PLAYERS' RESPONSIBILITIES TO CONTACT EACH OTHER TO SET UP THEIR MATCHES EVERY 2 WEEKS!

-Best of Three Maps every match (Every fortnite is a set of three different maps) Cointoss determines first map picked out of the three available.
-10 Minutes
-No Frag Limit
-Endmatch may be called if a total blowout, player's choice, though.

Point System

Our statistics will be found on the Standings page showcasing all of the accumulated wins, losses, and points generated by every player.
-Each map won is 1 point
-Each 2-0 win against a player equals 3 points(bonus point)

-Date Right after playoffs. Will last for 2 weeks. Date TBA
-Every match will be played best out of three up until the final round.
-Single Elimination
-Every division will crown a champion.  The division player will the most points wins the division and will become a top-3 seed in the playoff tournament.

-Top 2 players from every division qualify for playoffs. This equals to 6 players, but 8 players will be invited to the tournament.  The other 2 players will be wildcards, and will be invited based on standings(pts/etc)
-Ties with points in the standings will then turn to:
 -Who has the best divisional record
 -Best Vs. Others record
 -Maps Won

Picking Maps in the playoff rounds will be as follows:
-Higher Seed picks first 2 maps he/she doesn't want.
-Lower Seed picks 2 maps he/she doesn't want.
-Higher Seed picks first map to be played.
-Lower Seed picks second map to be played.
-Whatever map is left is the tiebreaker.


Servers are listed in the servers page.  They will be updated soon.  EU players playing against each other will play in a European Server, otherwise, they will play on the American servers provided.

General Rules
-No Hacking/Cheating in game.  Result will be a ban from Future XGL events/tournaments.  This means no aimbots, no assisted cheating, no wallhacks or ANYTHING else the Xonotic community may look at as cheating.
-No stopping/pausing the match consistently unless it is an emergency.  Result will end up a forfeit.
-Players must provide match results via Xonotic Stats on the Results forum Thread in order for their matches to count.
-Players abandoning/quitting the league will be replaced by other players.  The replacing players will also replace the points the former player had.
-Extension can be given to the players to play their matches if needed, but MUST contact one of the admins if they wish to do so.
-MUST turn on autorecord for demos/screenshots.
-Rage quitting a match will result in a forfeit.
-Have fun!


DM Radio
Casting by vi0lators!

Floxy (SMB)
kammy (SMB)


Put my name on a post it note.

-Xonotic Username: CaptainMigraine
-E-mail address (every 2 weeks we will send out mail letters)
-Your Xonotic Stats Page:
-Your Play Schedule: Stuff
-Steam Username(Optional): Neillithan

I'm signing up first.
Availablity: Most weeknights I work 1 PM EST - 9:30 PM EST. I'm avaiable from 10 PM EST - 3 AM EST Every weeknight. I work every 3rd weekend 2:30-11 PM EST, so I am available on MOST weekends
Steam Name: novazgen


Sign me up!

Xonotic name: smoke.srkdy
Xonstats page:
Your Play Schedule: Every other weekend. Most weeknights after midnight (Eastern Time). Most weekdays in the early afternoon.
Steam name: .srkdy (Profile)
[Image: 2823.png]

Xonotic name: mile^SPLAT
Xonstats page:
Your Play Schedule: EST around 10pm
Steam name: thisgamesucks

[Image: 38443.png]

-Xonotic Username: Bolwind
-Roleplay Character: like a furry Naruto but also an assassin with muscles and from the ninja village of the sounding
-Your Xonotic Stats Page:
-Likes: Taco parties, long beaches, inflation, ZTN
-Your Play Schedule: EST at night, afternoon, whenever
-Ideal partner: dark sorcerrer with deep voice + fire magic to spark candles
-Steam Username: Bolwind

pm me 2 get the rp started Wink
[Image: 2879.png]

Nice maps (dz qw Wink)! Looking forward to see any streams/vods of this. Smile

Playoffs will be played on LAN at my igloo))
[Image: 237.png]

(05-22-2014, 01:49 AM)dizzy Wrote: Playoffs will be played on LAN at my igloo))

You oughtta sign up. All duel servers in NA will be used, ya know.


-Xonotic Username: Smilecythe
-E-mail address:
-Xonotic Stats:
-Play Schedule: Any time during weekends
-Steam: Smilecythe
-IRC: #lover

I'm not sure if I will suddenly have stuff to do in summer, I might be busy or I might be not.

This is good news, been waiting for it to happen Big Grin hope you get all the divisions filled up

Hmm, I guess I'm in Wink

Xonotic name: [uc]Debugger
Xonstats page:
Your Play Schedule: Every weekend. Matches on other days than that have to be arranged

gl/hf Smile

Quote:The new version is too close to have a tournament and I am afraid that .7 and .8 would intersect!

Kappa ( (((( )

Anyway, why do you need to play someone from another division? Does it affect the position/points in your own division? Also how do you decide which player it is? Smile

Xonotic name: Floxy (SMB)
Xonstats page:
Your Play Schedule: CST anything past noon
Steam name: Floxy


(05-22-2014, 10:08 AM)Mirio Wrote:
Quote:The new version is too close to have a tournament and I am afraid that .7 and .8 would intersect!

Kappa ( (((( )

Anyway, why do you need to play someone from another division? Does it affect the position/points in your own division? Also how do you decide which player it is? Smile

Oh hey, long time no see. Sorry about the CTF cup, but it looks like .8 won't be coming for AWHILE as far as I'm concerned. But to answer your question, every week obviously each player plays against each other, and 1 other player from another division. It will be shown on the schedule.


My Pay Schedule: ~$5K for every fortnight, plus additional compensation of $2k in case of loss and an added prize of $10K for winning (per game of course).

Europe players can sign up but we will use them only if we need them Smile


-Xonotic Username: Ben
-Your Xonotic Stats Page:
-Your Play Schedule: PST
-Steam Username(Optional): skylord5816
Amateur bracket hopefully.
I'm not sure if I'll be able to make everything - I'll probably be playing on a library computer - but I'll give it my best shot.

I'm in, amateur style.
Go easy on me, I have gentle skin

-Xonotic Username - wtwrp.totally cool

-stats : *high five*

-Schedule - 10pm EST and on

If there is not specific time that the matches have to be played at then I can play.
ingame name is kammy

I can play from 9pm - ~4am utc-8
[Image: 12766.png]
Sucks at weapons

I'm happy to announce we have 13 players interested thus dar. 11 Americans and 2 European players! My goal is to have 16 NA players but my plan B is to have 3 divisions of North American Players and 1 EU division so they can play each other throughout the season. I'm still awaiting on skiddzie and Fire claw to sign up, so that automatically makes 13 right there.


May I ask what the galaxy-site is about? Smile

(05-24-2014, 05:42 PM)machine! Wrote: May I ask what the galaxy-site is about? Smile

Well we can't fit all of our league info on the site but I'm using galaxy to promote the site and bring traffic there. The new UT is coming and I plan on brining up Galaxy again when it does come.


Username : mile^Fireclaw
Stats :
Schedule : Whatever works, I'm bad at planning
Steam :

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