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Poll: Vote your favourite maps (Top 7 get in) -- screenshots at the bottom/urls in poll
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7 8.24%
1 1.18%
0 0%
2 2.35%
Blood Run
7 8.24%
2 2.35%
2 2.35%
Darkzone (QW)
4 4.71%
7 8.24%
0 0%
2 2.35%
Final Rage
7 8.24%
7 8.24%
1 1.18%
2 2.35%
4 4.71%
0 0%
1 1.18%
Silent Siege
5 5.88%
3 3.53%
7 8.24%
0 0%
5 5.88%
6 7.06%
2 2.35%
1 1.18%
Total 85 vote(s) 100%
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Xonotic Summer Championship 2016

Hello Xonoticans!

After the quite successful Xonotic Duel World Cup, we are happy to announce Xonotic Summer Championship 2016!
The modus will be slightly different from XDWC, but it will be played out on a single weekend.
Also we will have a prize pool and everyone can donate to it.

1. General

Join #xonotic.cup ( )

1.1 Group Stage
The group stage has a seeding purpose for the bracket and no one gets eliminated in this stage.

- Each group consists of 4 players
- Round Robin
- Best of 1


Group 1 plays out seed #1, #2, #3 and #4
Group 2: seed #5 - #8
Group 3: seed #9 - #12

Obviously the group stage will have a seeding already, which means that you should end up in a group with similar skilled players.
This way, also lower level skilled players can have some fun and not just get stomped.

1.3 Double Elimination

There will be a Winner Bracket and a Loser Bracket.
If you lose a match, you will drop to the Loser Bracket and continue playing.
If you lose again you are out of the tournament

1.3 Schedule

Saturday, 10th September 2016: Check-in: 17:00 CEST | Tournament start: 18:00 CEST | End: Group Stage + 'How far we can get' in the bracket [approx. 23:00 CEST or earlier] //
Sunday, 11th September 2016: Start: 18:00 CEST

If a player has to leave for some time, he has to message one of the admins! We will try to schedule his match a bit later then.
If you do not let an admin know then you might get disqualified from the tournament for delaying matches.

1.4 Demos
Admins can ask a player to give them their demos. If a player refuses to give them, a warn will be issued.

1.5 Registration
You can register from NOW until the tournament starts by a) posting here or b) messaging an admin or c) show up in #xonotic.cup at given date!

1.6 Admins
[Image: 55.gif] Mirio; [Image: 100.gif] thearcoN; [Image: 51.gif] thimo; [Image: 55.gif] packer

2. Matches organisation

2.1 How-to
Simple: Talk to your opponent (#xonotic.cup!) and play it on one of the follwing servers.

2.2 Servers | - [Duel Cup] wtwrp (1) - [Germany] | - [Duel Cup] wtwrp (2) - [Germany] | - [Duel Cup] wtwrp (3) - [Germany] | - [Duel Cup] reyart (1) - [Germany] | - [Duel Cup] reyart (2) - [Germany] | - [Duel Cup] devfull (1) - [Germany] | - [Duel Cup] devfull (2) - [Germany] | - [Duel Cup] devfull (3) - [Germany] | - [Duel Cup] fps (1) - [Germany] | - [Duel Cup] fps (2) - [Germany] | - [Duel Cup] fps (3) - [Germany]

2.3 Map picking

Group Stage
- Best of 1 (Bo1) (= 1 map win needed)
- Heads/Tails->Cointoss + Drop-Drop-Drop-Drop-Drop-Drop

Rounds before Winner Bracket Semifinal
- Best of 3 (Bo3) (= 2 map wins needed)
- Heads/Tails->Cointoss + Drop-Drop-Pick-Pick-Drop-Drop -> If it ends 1:1 the remaining map is the decider. No draws possible.

Winner Bracket Semifinal and follwing rounds
- Best of 5 (Bo5) (= 3 map wins needed)
- Heads/Tails->Cointoss + Drop-Drop-Pick-Pick-Pick-Pick -> If it ends 2:2 the remaining map is the decider. No draws possible.

Grand Final
- Best of 7 (Bo7) (= 4 map wins needed)
- WB Winner decalres a map he 'wins' and goes 1-0 up, LB winner picks 1st map. After that map loser will pick the next map.

Breakdown of "Heads/Tails->Cointoss + Drop-Drop-Pick-Pick-Drop-Drop"

1. One of the players chooses Heads or Tails
2. vcall cointoss
3. Cointoss winner removes a map
4. Cointoss loser removes a map
5. Cointoss winner picks the 1st map to be played
6. Cointoss loser picks the 2nd map to be played
7. Cointoss winner removes a map
8. Cointoss loser removes a map
[if 3rd map needed:]
9. Remaining map gets played!

2.4 Matches report
One of the players should write the result in #xonotic.cup please, preferable with a Stats URL.

3. In game play

3.1 Game format
- 1v1 Duel (XPM)
- Timelimit: 10
- Fraglimit: 0

3.2 Map pool

Aerowalk, Blood Run, Downer, Final Rage, Fuse, Stormkeep, Warfare

A match has to be played again if the players did not play it on one of these maps.

3.3 Forfeiting

You may forfeit during a match of course, without getting penalties.
Obviously the map or match will be lost.

4. Prizes

4.1 Prize pool

1st: 50 EUR
2nd: 20 EUR
3rd: 10 EUR

4.2 Notes
  • The prize distribution will be finalised after the tournament.

4.3 Donations
The prizepool is 80 EUR at the moment but it might grow as we keep it open so the community can donate to the prize pool if they want to.
Contact Mirio, thimo or thearcoN in that case.

4.4. Donators

[Image: 52.gif] SpiKe -30 EUR
[Image: 100.gif] thearcoN - 50 EUR

5. Media

5.1 Streams

YouTube by [Image: 55.gif] packer
YouTube by [Image: 117.gif] Ch4mp


Confirmed players (22):

[Image: 139.gif]
[Image: 72.gif] Adremoid
[Image: 29.gif] Beemann
[Image: 117.gif] Ch4mp
[Image: 97.gif] Dodger
[Image: 72.gif] Elinvention
[Image: 55.gif] Freddy
[Image: 55.gif] GATTS
[Image: 55.gif] Islinn
[Image: 136.gif] LEMEME
[Image: 55.gif] Mirio
[Image: 97.gif] pillow
[Image: 97.gif] Pinkrobot
[Image: 107.gif] proraide
[Image: 112.gif] Sanches
[Image: 139.gif] sawa
[Image: 72.gif] SilverLuke
[Image: 38.gif] Simpa
[Image: 51.gif] Smilecythe
[Image: 100.gif] thearcoN
[Image: 112.gif] Tommy
[Image: 55.gif] Waldi

[Image: vigJvy0m.jpg] [Image: qwqm7oWm.jpg] [Image: r16x1Nam.jpg]
[Image: poKgxhGm.jpg] [Image: oHULAXJm.jpg] [Image: hFpyOGQm.jpg]
[Image: 2uBY4C7m.jpg] [Image: wFEvOz2m.jpg] [Image: VF2Y7uQm.jpg]
[Image: ryKiWQVm.jpg] [Image: yzXk1B0m.jpg] [Image: eP2Y8Hkm.jpg]
[Image: PxJUG09m.jpg] [Image: eGGdqUzm.jpg] [Image: zMhQe40m.jpg]
[Image: LbVJclhm.jpg] [Image: GZOYy9mm.jpg] [Image: JrszwmQm.jpg]
[Image: iWDROSgm.jpg] [Image: goiiJhIm.jpg] [Image: qTpUDsPm.jpg]
[Image: kj3pE9Sm.jpg] [Image: BsglbpAm.jpg] [Image: z2WgbPgm.jpg]
[Image: xRbhXlRm.jpg] [Image: FCDv4Jim.jpg]
[Image: 21.png]
IRC (QuakeNet): #bot.xonotic | #xonotic.pickup | #xonotic | #xonotic.cup
Steam | | YouTube
Movies: Mirification #1 | #2 | Mirificaption #1 | #3 | #4 | [BOT] Clan #3 | #5 | #6 | #7 | [BOT] Clan #4 | #8 | #9


[Image: 65153.png]

[Image: 9214.png]

Thanks to [Image: 52.gif] SpiKe for a 30 EUR donation!
[Image: 21.png]
IRC (QuakeNet): #bot.xonotic | #xonotic.pickup | #xonotic | #xonotic.cup
Steam | | YouTube
Movies: Mirification #1 | #2 | Mirificaption #1 | #3 | #4 | [BOT] Clan #3 | #5 | #6 | #7 | [BOT] Clan #4 | #8 | #9


Count me in Big Grin

Mirio; thearcoN; thimo; packer: thanks for hosting Smile

if I see packer there I can't resist, add me!


Sorry, cant participate on that weekend Sad

I'm in. We need more Warfare! Smile

I doubt I will be joining in. In part since my computer setup isn't optimal for top performance gameplay... including a wireless mouse with optics acting up, mouse buttons getting stuck because sdl2 on Linux, and me being stubborn to keep all settings to maximum on the free video driver. I might however be interested in spectating, if this will be streamed somewhere or people can connect as spectators! As for maps, I'm only disappointed at the low score Erbium has... lovely and uniquely themed maps like that need much more love!
<spackObot> Congratulations to Samual and Taoki, your lovescore is 98.463%!
Samual (~dioteckte@...) quit #xonotic.pickup (gonna kill myself now)

(08-09-2016, 09:05 AM)Smilecythe Wrote: I'm in. We need more Warfare! Smile

Yussss. I am really glad it's getting a high score >Big Grin

On another note, what's with the high amount (not that I care, really Big Grin) of votes for Downer?
[Image: 9214.png]

(08-09-2016, 09:16 AM)MirceaKitsune Wrote: As for maps, I'm only disappointed at the low score Erbium has... lovely and uniquely themed maps like that need much more love!
Lovely and uniquely themed maps like that needs to be more compatible with duel gameplay to be desired in a duel cup Tongue

It's size, complexity and item distribution speaks of FFA/TDM, not so much Duel though. What disappoints me is Silentsiege's popularity, it's not a very good duel map either. Size and complexity is good, but there's way too many shards lol. It's a good duel map for beginners, but very dull in high skill.


Where is that map?
<Samual> I am the most unprofessional developer ever
<bluez> halogene, you make awesome music, but you have no clue about ctf.
<Halogene> I didn't know mappers include some mysterious waypoints so members of the BOT clan can navigate a map?
<divVerent> if you don't pay for a premium account, your movement speed is limited to 100qu/s

(08-09-2016, 09:22 AM)Islinn Wrote:
(08-09-2016, 09:05 AM)Smilecythe Wrote: I'm in. We need more Warfare! Smile

Yussss. I am really glad it's getting a high score >Big Grin

On another note, what's with the high amount (not that I care, really Big Grin) of votes for Downer?

Downer is a really fun map imo. Hardcore as hell when being under, but rewarding when winning.
[Image: 65153.png]

hope everyone returns from holiday soon, only 8 players have confirmed Sad

I want in too

IGN is 操
[Image: 5365.png]
[Image: 126092.png]

I'm in too! Still need to choose the maps though =)

Screw it, might as well
IGN is Beemann, I'll try to remember to be up at 8 am for the check in. Apologies if I sleep through my alarm or something equally stupid
I'll see if I can scrounge others for the 150+ ping club as well

GL! ch4mp will win this. 50e bet

Why does no one play AggressorX by the way??

Much better then Bloodrun. Cool
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @


(08-25-2016, 04:47 PM)thimo Wrote: GL! ch4mp will win this. 50e bet

lol, you crazy? you want to lose your money again? Big GrinBig Grin

but guys it's really time, at least 40 people I want to see.

(08-25-2016, 04:58 PM)kojn^ Wrote: Why does no one play AggressorX by the way??

Much better then Bloodrun. Cool

Which version is the one where the teleport has been removed in favour of a warp zone? That is not an improvement over the original imo. It removes a lot of the tactics around that area. Or is that just my personal taste for random gameplay? :p

Edit: I see we have nothing on that weekend so I might as well join in to make up the numbers Smile And so I can vote for AggressorX!
"Yes, there was a spambot some time ago on these forums." - aa

I like the teleporter version myself more, although I don't really like it having two 100 armors either way. Makes control easy and mega hp redundant especially with the current health drain rate.

Teleporter version is definitely better I agree. You can do well on that map with well placed spam though Smilecythe, especially since the bottom armour is under the stairs/steps.
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @


I will play Big Grin

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