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Hey all!

I'm new here, to the forum. Ray1992xD is my nick.
Back when I still had a Windows XP pc, when Windows decided to die, I wanted to reinstall. I think I was about 17 or 18 and already a massive computer nerd. The XP license sticker was removed from the case (duh, Windows 7 was already a thing) so I had no license. I was told about Ubuntu and decided to give it a try.

My owned games would, of course, not run on that. I started looking around for "Linux games" and arrived at Nexuiz. Far ahead of the OpenTTD's and OpenArena's of the store. I loved it!  Graphics were awesome, gameplay was fast and addictive. Not being last in the score was already a good thing to aim for back then. Then, something happened and Xonotic came around. I started playing and although it was just a little different, I was hooked again.

I've been around for 12 years. The devs robbed me of countless hours. And many more will be robbed. This community is awesome. Thanks for bringing this game to the world. It deserves far more attention than it gets. Smile

See you in the game folks and thanks for reading my life story lol.

Ray out.

Welcome to the Community, Ray1992xD! Have a nice stay and see you in game :o)
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