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[BUG] Forum software swallows newlines

I often have to use double newlines, because the forum software arbitrarily swallows newlines.

Some newlines work, some don't and disappear. When I press edit, they are gone. When I edit again, sometimes they stay sometimes they don't. Sometimes when I make two newlines, only one newline stays. But mostly when I make two newlines then two newlines stay. And when I make one newline, no newline stays.

Making double newlines is extremely annoying. Not only when writing, but also when reading. It is of course still aeons better than arbitrarily disappearing characters, such as white spaces or newlines.

Please fix this.

@ballerburg9005 you might want to file an issue with the MyBB team on this. That's the software that powers this forum. We don't modify that software beyond its existing plugin and theming system.

That being said, I've long wanted to move away from MyBB. That may happen if I get some free cycles to try out one of the alternatives I have in mind.
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

Update: one of the forum plugins we use might be the source of the issue. It's related to having the full suite of rich editing functionality available in the "quick reply" window. I've disabled that for now. Do let me know if that does the trick @ballerburg9005.
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

Ok, thanks!

This is a test.

This is another test.

Now I made two newlines.

Seems to work! Awesome.

Hm, but now we don't have the toolbar for BBcodes. That's quite a tradeoff. It is there in "Full Edit" though. Hm.

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