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Hello Xonotic fellows!

We try to focus on playing duel/tdm in pro mode, but mostly just play casually DM, CA, KH, FT on the active servers.

If you want to join and we don't know yet if you are really bad-ass enough, then you have two options:

  • show via Xonotic Stats that you had an average of over 50% vortex in the last 7 games
  • beat one of us in duel (best of 3)

This is no pussy clan. We have like 165Hz monitors and shit. We are extreme voltage! Big dick, baby.

Current Members:
  • Ballerburg
  • Jooton

Contact via inofficial official Xonotic discord.

Youtube Channel

[Image: 0ODzhsa.png]

Hall of shame

Noob impostors using our clan tag without permission.
  • Blacksun
  • Berserker

[Image: MObNsNr.png]

Of course they refused any duels to settle the matter. Fair warnings were offered. Now they have brought eternal dishonor and shame upon their names.

New Youtube Channel!

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