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“Extended Translation Pack” is Possible

I gave it a try to make “Extended Translation Pack” in my own language, here’s the repo.

Update: The repo is renamed and have script infrastructure for variations.

Non-English players that have hard time with English can feel ease, if they see their local language.
(Or say, maybe weird, if they don’t see any strange foreign script…)

Detailed explanation below.

I’m working on localization work these days and noticed that stuffs like Campaign description can’t be translated via “standard” approach (official Transifex team).
Singleplayer Campaign is the very first experience to new players. But what’s the point if it can’t be understood?

So workaround should be done. I know about that the game/engine have concept of “packs”, those .pk3 files or .pk3dir directories. This made it convenient for modding, for example.

In the meanwhile, a big majority of Xonotic functional assets are text files. In my opinion it’s a good matter: they are much easier to learn & modify, in contrast to those static code.
This also shows how devs here care about flexibility. Big thanks!

So that I just search for those related files (e.g. maps/campaignxonoticbeta.txt), copy & modify the strings inside, put to external pack, raise its priority to override the original, then it will work.

However, there’s a significant drawback: those functional bits are also being overridden, if affected files have official updates, they won't take effect until players update the pack (after my update, of course).

At the moment it does no harm, for affecting only few files. But be careful anyway, as a non-functional game (edge case) can be worse if English makes less or no hassle.

I wish better internationalization ability will be offered officially. Great game like Xonotic ought to be known by global gamers — and let’s don’t forget Software Freedom.

I salute you for the work and effort! With limited resources in the dev and extended team, the priority of localization is certainly something we wish could be better.

Xonotic supports translated campaign files natively: copy the campaign file and rename it appending the suffix of your language, e.g. and then translate by replacing the strings. It isn't a good system, it'd be best if these strings were moved to the code so that they are available in Transifex.

Btw, if you have a complete Chinese translation of the current campaign I could push it to the main Xonotic repo and make it available for the upcoming official release. The translation file at is slightly outdated, see campaignxonoticbeta.txt history: If you want it included in 0.8.6 please update it ASAP.

Thanks for hints! @terencehill

I’d update sooner, to hold new translations for campaign in dedicated branch of my repo

They are now here:
Freshly up to date Smile

But I’ve found a problem: while Singleplayer menu uses translated campaign files, in-game dialogs not (the dialog when player initially enters a campaign, from menu or after succeeding previous)

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