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[DM] revrem (revdm3 remake)

I've been requested for quite some time by Jeff to do a remake of dm3. And I also wanted to make one as not only I seem to like the original.
So maybe it's worth having a more modern looking version.

My goal was not only to make it look better but also make it feel a bit smoother and thus change the gameplay slightly.
While the jumppads stayed mostly in the same place and giving the same push, the side platforms have been enlarged and put at an angle thats easier to strafe around.
The new gap between the side-ramps and the top-platform is maybe something you have to get used to when expecting the original gameplay. You fall when coming too short but it catches you at more speed now.
The ramps are now ramp-staircase-hybrids so you wont lose speed upwards using the stairs but accelerate downwards when using the ramp-part of it. In combination it allows for greater control in both directions.

The ramps from the side- to the top-platform are also angled and wider now to make them usable while strafing. It's a bit tricky coming from below tho.

The poles are now straight and got angles for laser jumping off of them. Also the side platforms got some. (also to aid orientation)

Download revrem v0.82

Download revrem v0.5d
-centered the rocket above the jumppad because it looks nicer... also you cant stay below just to get the rl
-but to be sure the jumpad covers the entire platform so you cant hide there

Download revrem v0.5c
It's 0.5 because I think there could be some more details. They get there once I have an idea. (or someone want to collaborate with me here; feedback is always welcome no matter what)
But as of now its feature complete and looks good enough to go public.

Have fun! Smile


Download revrem v0.82

-added yellow-striped borders to the platforms
-added some lights
-made the ramps to the top platform wider
-cant jump over the center jumppad as easily anymore

[Image: G6nBhlp.jpg]

[Image: RIETyU1.jpg]
Old(for comparison):
[Image: Rg14zW1.jpg]

[Image: fg0mHHo.jpg]
[Image: FDQtnRq.jpg]

[Image: B7734wv.jpg]

[Image: 0BszKzV.png] much text for such a small map ^^

Looks awesome, when map is dark. Like it Big Grin

The dark is the old map i remade Wink
The bright one is mine. Would you change something there? Or is it too bright?

(08-13-2020, 03:41 AM)_para Wrote: The dark is the old map i remade  Wink
The bright one is mine. Would you change something there? Or is it too bright?

Bright is also nice looking, but, I think, it will be better to make some angles more smoother, with curves, for example. It's not too hard, I thin, but it can make map more smoother at edges and better in view when flying around Big Grin

A third remake would be nice. There should be teleports instead of jumpads. But that will take away all tactics.
Although I haven't played this map, it looks more modern. Yes
My maps:
CTF: Trident_ctf, Moon terror;
DM: Checkfriend, Landing hedge;
Duel: tempullit, X air walker;
Kota-dooM: Kota-dooM, Kota-dooM4 (-2);
Race: Map packs;
Special: Triangle, Mid space 'em.

You can check out my other maps here.

Thanks for your feedback! Big Grin
I also thought about curves and I think I'm actually going to make some but they are cumbersome to implement.
The platforms should also get yellow-striped borders.

Also interesting for me would be some feedback on the gameplay because the layout is considered finished.

Make a third remake and try it. Tongue
On this small scale teleporters could be interesting. I would make every jumppad be able to teleport you to random spots. Could be random fun or absolute disaster on that scale. Haha
If you want you're free to use my map and test it.


Download revrem v0.82

-added yellow-striped borders to the platforms
-added some lights
-made the ramps to the top platform wider
-cant jump over the center jumppad as easily anymore

[Image: G6nBhlp.jpg]

An improvement can be good for maps like this. Nice job! I think that the environment of this map is better even.

Thank you so much for making this map. This map has became my favorite map since I saw it in Jeff's server. I also believe the community has found it fun. With many other push maps, I believe the community started to value the power of blaster and from what I can tell, it has now become part of most people's repertoire.

I personally like darker space maps but I believe I can get used to this one.

Those new poles, will force me to change my tactic, especially on the pushing.

Again, wonderful map and revision.

Can you change the map name to include the version though?

This is a remake I didn't know I needed. Very cool!

Hehe glad you like it Big Grin

Yeah blaster is my fav tactic on this map. >:3
I agree that this one it a bit bright in comparison but I wanted to use those textures. I think getting used to it is what I'll leave everyone with as I like those textures the most for this map.
Those poles are meant for changing direction quickly with blaster jumps and as orientation points to see how far you can go when you don't see the platform underneath.

I will include the maps version in the next version. Don't know when it will leave v 0.82 tho.

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