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[MAP] Bloody Run (remake for Blood Run)

Hi. This is remake of map Blood Run, originally named ZTNDM3. This map designed in classic brick style with red corridors. Map a little bit smaller in some places than original one.
Update 1.11
- Make movements on map a lot smoother with more clips
- Place exit of teleporter from vortex room inside wall to have possibility to jumping twice
- Update floor in room with teleporter
- Move "window" with heavy armor higher 

Update 1.1 Fixes
- Fix ramp jumping on quad room (add possibility to jump from bottom on balcony)
- Increase size of platform on arch in quad room to jump from teleporter corridor on quad balcony
- Make ladders working
- Make pillars smoother to move through
- Replace some structures with curved ones
- Replace stairs on main room at the bottom near vortex
- In map editor make a lot of grouping items, it's a little bit easier to edit map

Update 1.09 Fixes
- Change skybox to similar
- Add decorative hole at the exit of teleport from vortex room
- Increase width of passages
- Make supporting structure at the center and devast room with curves
- Add clipping at the devast's room teleport (cuz player stuck there at the tourney)
- Update some spawnpoints to make balance

Update 1.08 Final (Bug fixes, some cosmetics)
- Fix glitches with water and lava on map
- Add some decorative tubes in opened-air rooms
- Add more clips for disabling possibility to use map bugs

Update 1.07 Final (Bug Fix):
- Fix hole exploit at mortar zone
- Make more space at crylink zone and exit from teleport from devastators room for more smooth moving

Update 1.06 Final:
- Update last part of map - in devast room with jumppad (there are 2 minihealth)
- Replace textures on medium armor in devast room
- Some design and wall-smoothing improvements

Update 1.05
- Fully redesigned map:
- Redesign mortar's, devast's and hagar's rooms - add more details
- Redesign jumppad room to hagar in gothic style with some industrial parts

- Add tubes on all parts of map
- Add some tricks

Update 1.04:
- Fix hiding places, add more hurt triggers, and add clips on places, where player can possibly hide
- Add destructed brick walls and floor in main corridors
- Replace windows on devast's to columns, add them clip
- Add decorative supporting constructions in main room, and in devast's room
- Add decorative dust, ladders and planks
If you have any improvement ideas - just tell it in comments

Update 1.03:
- Fix overlapping bug at mortar
- Fix teleports (change from target position to teleport destination)
- Fix lamps - add sliding clips
- Fix logos - now they are haven't collision
- Add clipping on corridors, but idk - can it helps you, or not Big Grin
- Add visual teleport destinations. May be replaces in future.
- Make hurt triggers higher on opened zones

Update 1.02:
- Fix caulk bug at devast's room
- Fix visibility bug, when you can see other side of map through nothing (but not everywhere - just in places, where player easily can get and look)
- Make corridors on crylink location wider, but saving same structure
- A lot of brushes, which using as details marked as "Detailed brush"
- Fix bug with building VIS

Update 1.01:
 - Add clipping for some places
 - Make powerup zone higher, powerup block more inaccessible
 - Replace lava to water in devast's room, add tricky water in powerup room


Update 1.08 screenshots:
[Image: uZvB3k8.jpg] [Image: fCEJ4a0.jpg] [Image: uG5RwCn.jpg] [Image: 96MS2ff.jpg] [Image: cJrlMfi.jpg] [Image: 3qGULwy.jpg] [Image: hpJOP38.jpg]

Old Screenshots:
[Image: jDAzcSq.png] [Image: rheMDBH.png] [Image: obvRzOZ.png] [Image: 6MWcV7A.jpg] [Image: In22iXF.jpg] [Image: Cs8aBlv.jpg] [Image: V1Kf6Qw.jpg] [Image: l8a9Cwa.jpg] [Image: COf2ba2.jpg] [Image: aN1YlBy.jpg] [Image: wwgaAjX.jpg] [Image: kUrVwjo.jpg] [Image: 7uOSENs.jpg] [Image: MNLlqIr.jpg] [Image: 3r5JdwA.jpg] [Image: Dw3keRY.jpg] [Image: XwgqKBf.jpg] [Image: 9m3RELK.jpg] [Image: uXSHmGk.jpg] [Image: 5Fr07PF.jpg] [Image: B4SVCh8.jpg][Image: Ps8yGUG.jpg] [Image: bXpic1v.jpg] [Image: lhddeZ6.jpg] [Image: SG6U6zV.jpg] [Image: 2Ux27v0.jpg] [Image: Vwhv3gX.jpg] [Image: eHXoXcN.jpg] [Image: K6a4FNX.jpg] [Image: EQdrEuU.jpg] [Image: UHo04DQ.jpg] [Image: 3vgRrpk.jpg] [Image: rHn9dLt.jpg] [Image: jBkcmeR.jpg] [Image: sj9dnyZ.jpg] [Image: 3MpkBBZ.jpg] [Image: wcDBTLC.jpg] [Image: djvartR.jpg] [Image: WnmNWuG.jpg] [Image: 20v6j1R.jpg] [Image: YX4nwbH.jpg] [Image: m97U0hJ.jpg] [Image: EkO3imf.jpg] [Image: bUgwHEe.jpg] [Image: uQduZTP.jpg] [Image: lUTNinX.jpg] [Image: mvGw1kx.jpg] [Image: drSFFxS.jpg] [Image: 4GRJnWT.jpg] [Image: M5JBNHS.jpg] [Image: q62yvBs.jpg] [Image: 06hvQPf.jpg] [Image: F3rRRmF.jpg]

Map sources located at my branch of Xon Maps, playable PK3 you can find in attachments or on my Google Drive.
Enjoy Smile

Attached Files
.pk3   bloodyrun_1.1.pk3 (Size: 5.99 MB / Downloads: 0)
.pk3   bloodyrun_1.11.pk3 (Size: 6.65 MB / Downloads: 31)

Woah, that looks awesome! Current bloodrun feels quite small imo, this remake looks a lot bigger.

Although I do have some points of concern though:
As you probably know, Xonotic has extremely floaty movement. Explosive splash damage and rail hits can have a lot of push force, sometimes even so much that you can't even react to it. That also means that voids or death zones (however you want to call them) can be extremely annoying at times. Now, there are a total of 3 voids on your remake: The big one next to the 2 25's, one around the quad and one behind the rocket launcher. In my honest opinion, you should close down the void near the 2 25's completely with a wall (or a massive glass window), place glass in the windows behind the rocket launcher, and keep the void around the quad as it is. Maps with a void are fun for modes like CA or TDM, but maps that have been specifically made for duel, shouldn't have any voids where a player can be pushed into easily. That's the reason why I would be fine with the void around the quad, because there's no quad in duel, thus no point in going to that platform.
[Image: 8848.png]

Absolutely incredible, this already looks like my new favorite map. The current bloodrun we have is indeed horrible.

That looks good! I like the direction it takes!

Can I make a design suggestion? I would suggest to use lava/slime as a language. I explain myself.
Here, we can see the lava being on the lower part of the map, also, it's mostly realistic as I would expect wild lava to come from the ground.

[Image: xonotic20200212090736-00.jpg]

So, finding stagnant lava on the upper part feels a bit weird to me:

[Image: xonotic20200212090745-00.jpg]

[Image: xonotic20200212090849-00.jpg]

So I thought about something: using lava on the lower level, keeping it almost on the same level.

The lava ramp looks ok to me, because it's on the same floor:

[Image: xonotic20200212093814-00.jpg]

So, why not using slime instead of lava on the upper part? Keeping mixed blue colors / red colors seems OK and it looks good. There is no call for down red color / up blue color. Having red ambiant color mixing with blue colors, either coming from slime, lava or ambiant looks ok to me in all cases.

Also, I think it would be very good to keep the slime on the down part as it is currently: jumps pad and teleporters. All those bluish slime parts are mechanism to go the to the upper part, so it fits very well the “lava and slime as a language” paradigm I suggest:

[Image: xonotic20200212090911-00.jpg]

[Image: xonotic20200212092418-00.jpg]

[Image: xonotic20200212090949-00.jpg]

[Image: xonotic20200212091032-00.jpg]

[Image: xonotic20200212091138-00.jpg]

[Image: xonotic20200212091145-00.jpg]

Basically, the slime would looks more “industrial” hence that's consistent to imagine people move it around the same way they move rocks to build stuff, while the lava looks more  natural and I would keep it that way.

This is also why I think this part is a bit off, especially the vertical lava pipe, I would keep lava “unmanned”:

[Image: xonotic20200212092155-00.jpg]

About water, I think it fits well as a neutral material and have nothing to say about it.

On a side note, I don't know if it's a problem, but it's very easy to get there:

[Image: xonotic20200212091054-00.jpg]

Note: I've uploaded it on my server (
This comment is licensed under cc by 4 and antecedent.

The proportions make my brain hurt, I'm too used to the old version. Too much so that playing this feels like playing a new map rather than a remake.
  • Not fond of the Q3 remake jump pads, prefer the QW version with stairs.
  • Same thing with the extra hole near mortar that you adopted from QC, doesn't belong in ztn imo.
  • As for aesthetics, I think the style would look better if you got rid of all the lava, slime and tech parts. Keep it to stone, brick and rock textures. (With the exception of tele/jump pads) This combination you have here looks unnatural and unpleasing.
  • If you're gonna make the Quad pickup a risky spot, then I like your idea more. Don't combine it with the old one. I would get rid of the ledge, lower the whole thing down and keep the Quad area more open.
  • Whole map needs better clipping work, it's annoying that you get stuck inside some of those pillar gaps. It's also not a good idea to leave some of those windows open for players to hide in. It might feel like a nice thing to allow for people to explore, but its an absolute shit idea for gameplay.
Also, dunno if intended but you can use this ledge to jump over to 100a:
[Image: unknown.png]

Oh. Thats a lot of information. As stated above - this opened windows is really created for special hiding of players, and etc. If it will be better, I can clip them on mortar's and devast's block. At powerup there is no idea how to make nice-looking walls with saving same structure of location to make them maybe more safer than now. Also, I'm playing there for 2 days with godlike bots, and I haven't felt away from map at powerup, горбmortar and devast rooms, and I can't say is it absolutely true. Cuz I know about physic in Xon, and I assume that it can be possible in modes like "Instagib". Also, you can easiest save your life with blaster at this locations, cuz there is not absolutely linear falling rocks, they has a little hill'ish structure.

And about design, about lava textures. I've choose for rooms some color types - white bricks, red bricks and white stone. They have different ideas of lighting - for white bricks there is yellowish lights, for red brick is "light red" lights, and for white stones is absolutely white. Red brick rooms especially has lava blocks, and slime colors is not the best for them, if you want them on second floor. There is crossing locations, for example with yellow armor and jumppad to powerup room there is lava floor. They a crossing white brick rooms, but it just looking not so bad.

Also, about water. It was in ideas to use it a lot of times, like contrast between water and lava - hot and cold. But I haven't used it after making first room. Now I think it will be better to add some water to replace lava at teleport on yellow armor, and create something with water in powerup room.

About clipping - I've played on @illwieckz server, and yes, I have stucked in columns when fighing, and I will create clipping for some places, where it needs first of all - room connectors.

About trick to get red armor from mortar location - yes, it's working, there is one of some tricks I've found when creating this map, and there is you can try to do Big Grin

I think I have answered for all this questions. If you have suggestions - give me them, I'm interested in making my maps better. Thank you all.
TODO is make more clipping places, and I'm waiting for your answers about my suggestions for clipping opened zones.

Very well.
I like the new style, it's almost a new map. I suggest adding additional portals, since some arches with columns lead to nowhere.
Heart Heart  С наилучшими пожеланиями! Heart Heart


Good job!

This Bloodrun remake can definitely look more sexy than the version we had until now, and it also feels less cramped.
I don't mind a bit of lava, but this map maybe has too much of it  Big Grin . Otherwise it looks very good.
I like that you can fall in the void at some places, it may add some thrills to the games... but the spot near the Strength item (below the ledge) looks like a perfect place to hide, it would be better to prevent that.

As Smilecythe wrote, some clips could be added for smoother movement, between some pillars, and also here:
[Image: 1581537441.jpg]

I uploaded your map on PsyX duel servers for playtesting (along with your remake of The Longest Yard).

Nice map, always good to see something that's not made of tiny corridors (though beware, vortex often ruins large maps).

I'd suggest making the quad area a lot taller. Right now you hit the ceiling if you do a normal blaster jump, with quad you hit it so hard you take "fall" damage. In general, it's nearly impossible to have open areas where the top clip or skybox is unreachable with quad because xon's physics are way over the top when it comes to push force but it's at least a good idea to make sure people don't hit ceilings during normal gameplay just by using blaster once or twice.

As for clipping the windows - if you do that, keep in mind they should look inaccessible too - add some glass / metal bars / anything, just don't lie to players about what's reachable and what's not.
[Image: 30381.jpg]

<packer> when i see martin-t's name my blood pressure increases

<[BOT]Hоtdоg> anyone here lives near martin?
<[BOT]Hоtdоg> will pay monies for shooting him

Windows don't lead anywhere. You can hide behind them. It's not fair to play last man standing.
Although on the other hand it would be interesting if there was a secret passage like on the darkzone map.
Heart Heart  С наилучшими пожеланиями! Heart Heart


Map updated - add clipping blocks, add water, fix with powerup.

Really nice map, just a little flaw
[Image: 1rlHE00.jpg]
[Image: 110074.png]

I played on version 1.01 a bit, nice improvements!

Here are a few additional things I noticed while running through your map:

[Image: 1581712953.jpg]
You can stand on the patch here (on the right side only apparently)

[Image: 1581713986.jpg]
Visible caulk here (only visible when you jump far into the void)

[Image: 1581714064.jpg]
The pillars make this corridor a bit narrow. I often bumped into the pillars, especially with some speed.
The corridor next to it has the same issue.
Also, the Crylink ledge feels quite narrow.

There are still some spots on the outside where you can camp / hide Big Grin
Maybe making the slope steeper (like you did near the main room) would better prevent camping?

Nice map overall! Smile

Nice map in comparison to the previous bloodrun.
I also think the Crylink's ledge and the corridor leading from crylink to strength is too narrow.

On the technical side. People complain that this map has bad performance.
Please… Never release leaking maps! The computation of areaportals is entirely skipped and the complete map must be rendered at any time! Once you fixed the leaks, please make use of detailed brushes (especially for the pillars and stairs).

Map updated - fix bugs with caulk, with visibility, with distance between pillars at crylink corridors, and added detailed brushes for improving performance. As said above about bug of leaking map - fixed, but there is maked a lot of brushes. For me, previous build and this make still never less 180 fps.

Map looks cool! Suggestions:

You can stand on the logos, this can be fixed by making them patches:


I think clips shaped like in the following picture should improve this area (other side too) even more:


Could these pillar sections be clipped as well, because you can stand on them:


Should you be able to stand here? Could be changed by removing the flat spot:


What about a visual helper (perhaps a decal (->patch)) to show the teleporter exit?


The hurt triggers should be higher everywhere. You should die, if you touch the terrain parts. Otherwise you can just hide there (on all 3 spots):


You can stand on the horizontal lights, which can lead to a lot of hiding and awkward gameplay:

Players would slide of if you just copy the light,rotate the Y-axis and make it a clip -


Many overlapping brushes at the pillar near Mortar:


Also I noticed that every brush has a target key. Big Grin Just open the map file and remove line 3 ("target" "target_position4")

For teleporter exit we use "misc_teleporter_dest" entity instead of target_position. Smile Using target_position results in errors shown in the console.

Update 1.03: fixes about Mirio's comment above Big Grin
But there is appeared bug - when teleporting with speed more than 700 from devast's teleported - it hurts to death. Idk why it happens, but it happening. I'll try to find some solutions for this problem. Found - there is hurt trigger intersect teleport trigger Big Grin Fixed.

Great work!

Some advice though, I guess:
 - it's always a good idea to color-code the teleporters. In the previous version of Bloodrun, for example (which was barely textured, you know the one I'm talking about probably), the entry yo the teleporter was framed in colot, and the exit zone was marked by the same color. The teleporter from RL/Mini-armor room was yellow, and the other one was blue. It made for better understanding and learning for people who are not familiar with the layout of the map.
 - Add more detail, and make it diverse. Ornaments, different types of materials, decals, different lights, different textures. The arches with columns everywhere look same-y, walls look a bit barren. This building also looks like it's new, which is probably not the case. Crack some walls, add some sand and rubble, think of what the building's purpose would have been, and what could have happened here before we started playing.

Here's some inspiration for you, look at this rendition:
Anyway, thanks, keep up the good work!

Map updated - fixed main bugs, like add clipping and hurt triggers for places for hiding, and add decoration elements, like broken walls and floor, and some another decorations.
If you have suggestions - post it in comments.

Nice work with the decoration elements and the hurt triggers, players are less likely to hide outside now Smile

Suggestion: this room looks a bit bland compared to the other areas of the map, and could use different textures imo:

[Image: 1586562121.jpg]

(04-10-2020, 05:45 PM)SpiKe Wrote: Nice work with the decoration elements and the hurt triggers, players are less likely to hide outside now Smile

Suggestion: this room looks a bit bland compared to the other areas of the map, and could use different textures imo:

[Image: 1586562121.jpg]
Ye, thank you for this report Smile
Will be better to really change this room, but I haven't now any ideas - which style will be better for this room. Of course, there is a lot of connections looks like from red bricks to white bricks, but this room is too small for bricks. Make this another open-like room is not the best idea. I can connect it with window on strength, but it's not the best way, and idk, how to design it now Big Grin Maybe in a week I can try to make improvements in this place, and add more details for all map, but I want some ideas Smile Thank you Big Grin

Map updated to version 1.05 - make a lot of design improvements, check it Big Grin

Map updated to final version - 1.06. I think, there is a lot of features and improved made from 1st version, map balanced, tested for a long time for dueling/dm/tdm by me, my friends, and testers here, and looking fresh. Highly recommend to play tourneys on this version of Blood Run.

a bunch of doors and bridges that are empty and the map is very pretty Big Grin
Yes, a lot of work is needed for this, but another time Big Grin

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You can check out my other maps here.

Update map, fix bug with mortar zone

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