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WIP: Xonotic PK3 manager

I already posted a very early screenshot of this little program I am working on, or rather was working on some weeks ago, in the thread about the installer (cba to look it up Tongue). Of course, I do intend to finish it (as always?) but I have a pretty serious work project going on at the moment, which is about 4 months worth of work that I want to finish in 2, which means I won't be doing much else until the end of the year. To make sure people will remind me to finish this small utility I am posting a screenshot of it in its current state:

[Image: 4tdvwym7rkqj78v0zzq.png]

It's a PK3 manager, but with the emphasis on selecting maps to view its details and to move it around between cache and data. Is it very useful? Well, not really if you know how to use a file manager and where your Xonotic folders are located. It's mostly something fun for me to do :p

It will be for Linux and Windows. Mac support: if you're able to install Windows or Linux then, yes.

Next effort will be to also load the radar image for a map, although that's when I got stuck and decided that making money is more important right now anyway :p
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If you want to make it more useful, you should make it get current user's Documents/Downloads folder (Vista/7/+), or on older systems, have it ask the user where they normally put downloaded files (default: desktop).

I saved a small partition of my disk with Windows 7, so I'll have some capability to test it. As for Linux, I recently installed a newest stable Ubuntu (Maverick) - Ubuntu also has a specific /home/<user>/Downloads directory, so the Linux version should seek it by default (since Ubuntu is sort of most popular desktop dist). Mac has DarWine, so some support will be provided.
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