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I like those new fonts, its clear and easy to read

[Image: sig2.png]
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very cool! i like its structure. rest cudd be cooler.
but the structure is like... OMFG AWESOME compared to <that game>.
im sure sev will improve its style if you coded this :o.
oh anyways, does somebody have the xonotic bírdie as seperate image? and all the other stuff in that pic Tongue
[?] - #kwestion @quakenet

I don't see any reason to change the buttons. They seem to match the layout very well.

Yeah, I thought I might have an idea, but I think it integrates better the way it is. Know I just have to get it to quake c.

It looks pretty good, but maybe those tabs could be changed to something thats a bit more dynamic?
The Color etc is really good, but i think the shape of the tabs could use a bit of remodeling, they look so huge , kind of like a button made for a grandpa, so he he cant miss it.

I don't understand what you guys are talking about. The buttons look fine.

I think that the current menu looks great. I'm not exactly sure how the menu entries will be displayed (since the buttons first have no connection then form a connection with the menu entry), but I trust it will work well. The fonts and everything fits and is readable.

Will the font have to be converted to an image?

That might be wiser...easier to Gaussian Blur. I attempted to describe the motion earlier...I'll try to make an animation.

you could try beveling the bottom left edge some.

something like this:
Master of mysterious geometries

Imgur Gallery

That's a good idea. A simple change but it makes the look more dynamic.

Yes, beveled edges are more futuristic. Like BSG and their beveled paper.
But only on one edge.

It could be futuristic on two opposing edges =D

The original mock-up had beveled edges, I'll try another mock-up this weekend...maybe with a simple animation.

A light blur around a white font just makes it look blurry, you may want to consider using a darker color for the blur or give the text an outline. Otherwise, this is looking pretty good.

Also, make sure everything used is GPL.

All GPL, Software used is Open Source License(thought from M$). I'll try that -z- if I get a chance, and I'll re-add the bevel. I don't have time(college to prepare for(scholarships, jobs, school)) but I can upload my .pdn files for ya'll to take a whack at it. I think the other two themes are looking good though. I don't know if I would be able to successfully code the menu yet(but I'd be willing to try.) Things are crazy right now though. Sad

(03-27-2010, 09:45 AM)master[mind] Wrote: Now, notice how small and awkward the IRC is. Here is a simple friends list instead:
[Image: u8ek2bj6ryzw0yx9aer9.png]

The envelope is to send a private message(delivered as a whisper on a server or as a message when the user opens xonotic)

The arrow means, "Join friends server." It would turn gray if the server was full.

By the way, why is the Community IRC and Scoreboard in the "Campaign" menu and not the "Community" menu? Tongue
Just asking...

Heh, I think that's just a mockup error Tongue

Yup, that would be a PEBKAC problem. Blush

The Blur on text would probably look better if it's radius is larger and the opacity is increased.

[Image: 788.png]

here is my menu work,you can use Xonotic logo up-left:
[Image: menu.jpg]

(04-15-2010, 06:00 AM)od@r Wrote: here is my menu work,you can use Xonotic logo up-left:

Doesn't really fit the Xonotic futuristic style don't you think?

Yes! that's my opinion, too!
[Image: 788.png]

I think od@r's menu looks nice. As for futuristic, anyone played Bioshock or Fallout? The futuristic idea that's been realised so far is old-school sci-fi.

is a style that gives the game a touch of mature / futuristic game, what is wrong with future skin? we creating old-new game better like Nexuiz or no? ... /THX mate T Smile /

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