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Does anyone have a download link for the Frozen Colors map?

I'm looking for the ctf map frozen colors. I have checked the nexuiz ninjaz repo and did not find it. If someone can give me a download link for the .pk3 file, that would be most appreciated. Also, are there any other map repos besides the one at Nexuiz Ninjaz?
[Image: b_560x95.png]

here for frozen:

Quote:Also, are there any other map repos besides the one at Nexuiz Ninjaz?
if you know the mapname you could just use and search for it.

Seasons greetings.

I'm looking for 'go', can't find it at either place. Anyone know where I can get it?


You can also 'go' here

Thanks guys!


about other Nexuiz map repos:
<Halogene> ok "n1" means "nice one"
<Halogene> "gl" means "good luck"
<Halogene> "fu" means "wow that was wickedly nice that frag"
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Thanks everyone!
[Image: b_560x95.png]

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