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Hello Xonotic-Community

Hello you Xonoticans (dunno if it's the real name for Xonotic players but I'll use it Smile)!

Who I am?:

My name is Ivan 'WTFProoF?!' Navdaev and I'm a 18-year-old gamer and eSport enthousiast from Russia. Acually I live in Germany near Frankfurt am Main.

What do I do for living?:

Atm I'm visiting the 11th grade at a german "Gymasium" (I think it would be High-School in english) and my favorite subjects in school are English and Informatics (however this does not mean that I'm a native speaker in english, in fact my written Engish is pretty bad, sry for that Smile).

My "gaming career" so far?:

I started playing video-games at the age of 6 with the Playstation One and switched to the PC with 10. My first PC-Game was DooM followed by Turok, Age of Empires, Heroes of Might and Magic, Hitman, Quake, Counterstrike and many more.
At the moment I'm playing Quake 3 CPMA, War§ow, Painkiller, Quake Live and ofcourse Xonotic (if I would not play it why would I be here, right? Smile)! I'm mainly a duel player but I also like to kick some ass in team-action!

What I do when I'm not letting gibs fly all over the virtual battlefield?:

Apart from gaming, I like to design levels for games. I also host cups for Warsow WGS Weekly Duel Tourney. I like to design Webpages (I'm pretty good at (X)HTML and CSS and now I learn to use Java(Script)) too. I also like to read and I will probably start doing Parcours next summer.

Why I like Xonoric?:

Well, it is actually the verry best taken from all my favorite games and put into one game generating a 1773-mix. It has a mixture of CPM and Warsow movement which makes it REALLY fast. It has some awsome gfx (not as awsome as War§ow but hey its only 0.1preview atm I'm shure it will get better soon. It has some sweet weapons (altough I think there are to many weapons in general). It has primary- and secondary-fire modes (I love Unreal Tournament). For me that's enough reasons to love Xonotic.

What I would like to see happening with Xonotic and what I want to achive in it?:

Well as for the first, I would like to see Xonotic turining into one of the leading Open Source FPS (this is not that difficult as the only challenge for it is War§ow at the Moment with Alien Arena being to "FFA" and "Open Arena" being almost dead, but still it needs some Work to achive that) and to become a competetive eSport Title (not talking about ESL IEM picking it up as a Main-Title but about having regular Cups and Leagues in several Modes and a lot of fresh-blood joining the action). I want to help Xonotic become the things mentioned above by contributing to it actively trough designing competition maps (mainly for duel cuz that's where I have the most knowledge) and passively by hosting some cups in the future (aswell mainly for duel but I'm also thinking about CTF as I think it has a lot of potential), but this has yet to come when Xonotic reaches a beta-state (atm it's not stable enough I think). As for what I want to reach in it, well I want to become atleast a decent duel player in it (however I'm determined to get to the top, if I have what it takes? We'll see Smile).

I think this was a long enough intorduction about myself.

To round up I would like to thank the devs for putting such a awsome game up and to wish everyone good luck and happy fragin!


PS: If there is someone who wants to practice duel with me, you can reach me trough PM, Email (, Xfire (wallerus), Steam (ProoF?!) and Skype (ivann1992).

Hi there. I think you'll find that a lot of people on here are German (myself not included) and some servers in your area.
Question: What's your favorite weapon? How about gamemode (well, arena I suppose)?

Maybe later you can teach me how to duel better, I'm pretty bad. Do you have a favorite server yet?
nowego [MLP:FiM]

To be honest, I just have set up Xonotic today at about 9:00PM and played the "single-player" plus some random bot-games to get into it.

For favorite weapon, Motar and let the Air-Shots begin Smile.

Favorite Gamemode is Duel, favorite Map, well there is not much choice atm. and i did not play online yet so none Smile.

Shure I can teach you some basic stuff Smile.


Welcome to Xonotic Smile

I think you win the prize for the longest introduction Tongue (Don't worry, I did read it all!)
[Image: 370.png] AKA [~] John Smith on Nexuiz

Welcome to Xonotic mate.

Nice first post, nice to see someone who already has some background into the competitive/compeition scene, duel is one of the most popular game-mode's along with CTF (if not THE most popular *duel that is*).

I hope you can make some new duel maps for Xonotic in the future and also helping with ladders/cups/tourneys would be awesome in the near future you say once more stable, more player's etc.

If you want some practice or tips etc, msg me on IRC same name as here, and I will be happy to play Smile

[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @


Hey another one close to Frankfurt! Big Grin
Welcome to the forums and have fun ingame. Wink
[Image: 21.png]
IRC (QuakeNet): #bot.xonotic | #xonotic.pickup | #xonotic | #xonotic.cup
Steam | | YouTube
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Welcome to Xonotic!
Hope to play soon against you on your map Smile

Good to see you here, welcome to the community!
Feel free joining our IRC channels! (#xonotic and on QuakeNet)

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