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Hello xonotic community :)


My name is Djordje, i'm from Serbia and i'm new to Xonotic. Have been playing Nexuiz for year and a half, started to be good at it and the DCC servers announced that they are moving to Xonotic (damn Sad ) and all good players moved too.

No challenge and room for improving there any more since there is only one server with good ping in Europe that is not minsta, and is flooded with total noobs (i'm not as 1/4 of kojn but they are really poor players) and some good players who aren't playing often. To be exact they play very rarely...

So i'm really anxious to move to xonotic... but off course i can't get used to movement... i play every day and i don't see me improving. Always feels like thing i want to do are later half a second (especially laser jump), my mouse aim is constantly "running away" and dodging is so unresponsive. I think that i don't have the right approach to the gameplay or i have some hardware issues, like too low performance. I use it on win7, tried all exe files, the best responsiveness is 32bit xonotic exe (no sdl).

I'm starting to get really anxious cause i would like to get good at it but have no success for two weeks now. Sad

I didn't get used to suck at games (again i'm no egoist and i do not claim to be a wonder gamer) but this one's getting frustrating for me.

Anyways, i'll try and try and try until i get it right. I really like the game (Nexuiz more at the moment cause i don't totally suck at it Smile ) and hope to some day be good at it Smile

thanks for reading my bitching Big Grin

Happy fraging!
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First of all: Basic basics, or what I wish someone had told me half a year ago
by Halogene, our enlightning member Wink
Try lowering your settings as much as you can and play a bit with input menu, mouse settings. If you can't see through the warpzone just type: 'r_water 1' in console. For competive gameplay I suggest 'gl_picmip_world 1337' . Also: switch off bloom.

Dunno why you have those issues, try to get used to them or wait for more 'professional' response.

Welcome to Xonotic! (damn, that one should be on the beggining of this post)


Welcome to Xonotic!


<Halogene> ok "n1" means "nice one"
<Halogene> "gl" means "good luck"
<Halogene> "fu" means "wow that was wickedly nice that frag"
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I just wanted to report that i am enjoying this game more and more an to say thanks to <Sigma/> for a nice duel Smile
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hehe, good to hear that! Good luck, have fun! Duel is the most competetive mode in every fps game. It will help ya gaining incredible siklls in a very short time!

Howdy. Glad to hear you're having fun. Smile

Wait...What 'Howdy' means? because I can't for he life of me remember...



PendullaSRB has changed their nickname to Pendulla!

And there became more than one of them.
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How does this thread have 1216 views :o

EDIT: Hm. I guess there were more people looking at the forums a year ago Sad

Yeah I was wondering the same thing. It was pretty big number especially for a introductory thread.
And yeah last year there was much more activity in game and forums.
Now it is kinda scary how quiet it is.
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Maybe it's Mr Bougos work to kill the spambots and stuff. D:

My thread is close to 3000 views even. Tongue
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