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My first Xonotic evening

Hi fellas,

so I did it, played the game for nearly 3h yesterday and I have a couple of questions/ideas.

First of all, very good job guys. I like the HUD customization system very much (thanks FruitieX Big Grin). For the weapons, well mostly I can't say anything yet, since I've only played uncontrolled FFA matches. The only weapon that seemed particularly un-useful is the MG at the moment (when am I supposed to use that weapon? In close and middle range its too weak and loses against electro beam or projectile weapons like hagar, in long range it has too much spread).

Awesome job. Just one small remark: I get some weird flickering when I try to move panels to positions they are not supposed to go to (because of overlapping, e.g. when trying to move the health panel up it'll collide with the chat area). Could this flickering be avoided by doing checks whether a panel can be moved FIRST before moving it? (because right now it is being moved, and then it resets)

As I said above I'm not sure about the MG. Otherwise I felt like the Crylink had a very large delay until it starts to fire? Is there extra delay implemented? It feels really as if I played with 150ms ping when shooting it. Maybe bad servers? (keep in mind I never have a ICMP ping > 15ms due to university Gbps connection).

Nexgun: I find the realization of the charging a bit bad, because since these circles are kinda transparent (so that they are not so much in the way), depending on the map that I see, I have to concentrate on the circles quite hard in order to see whether they are fully charged. I suggest to remove (maybe as option, CSQC) the blue bar and instead play a charging-sound.

Why does the menu setting for bobbing NOT affect cl_bobfall?

A very beloved crosshair that was present in Nex 2.5.2 has gone missing (I think it was crosshair 12). It is basically just a small circle, but with small black edge around it. This made the crosshair very valuable, since it was well visible against any background, regardless the color of the center dot itself.
Also, I don't understand why you didn't include the option to color the center dot (but only ther color of the "texture" of these huge funny HALO-alike-looking crosshairs). Why do I have to be an expert and know that I have to set "crosshair_dot_color" to "0 1 0" (as a string) if I want it to be green?

Performance (FPS)
Interesting result when running tdem demos/the-big-keybench:
Windows 7 x64:
a) 64-bit version: 352 FPS
b) 32-bit version: 361 FPS
Windows XP x64
c) 64-bit version: 221 FPS
d) 32-bit version: 337 FPS

You can see that under my old windows XP (which also has a lot older NVidia drivers) I get horrible performance with the x64 version. This effect is a LOT smaller on Windows 7. Of course all results are from the second consecutive bench-run, not from the first.
SDL is not making much difference. It just, as it always did, adds extra sound lag Big Grin on my machine.
The DX9 thing is also not working. Depending on the OS and the 32/64 bit version, either screen goes black, or Xonotic crashes without error (from Windows, I mean), or it crashes with an error (where I can send the error report to microsoft Big Grin).


- FPS horrible on x64

(01-06-2011, 04:09 AM)GreEn`mArine Wrote: I get horrible performance with the x64 version.

Wait, WHAT. I am very happy each time I get at least 60 fps, since when is 221 bad? Can you even see the difference between that and, say, 100?

@the HUD overlapping--did you have 'panel collision' enabled?

FFA is all good and wonderful but you have to try Freezetag with 5on5! One of the best team games yet! (another +1 for FruitieX and Morphed) Big Grin

(01-06-2011, 05:07 PM)nowego4 Wrote: @the HUD overlapping--did you have 'panel collision' enabled?

FFA is all good and wonderful but you have to try Freezetag with 5on5! One of the best team games yet! (another +1 for FruitieX and Morphed) Big Grin

I didn't change any such setting ... so I used whatever is the default setting (I assume the default is to avoid collisions?)

I've played freezetag, roughly 5on5 (FFA), it's great fun! And has a lot of dynamics.

Windows XP x64 has, and always will be slower than the 32 bit version. Microsoft gave up on it shortly after it's release. Tongue

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