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First Xonotic frag movie

Hello guys!
Im creating a new xonotic frag video in a present moment, which is called "DMs resurrection". It features not only DMs clan mates frags but also it may included gameplay of Everybody from the community.

[Image: 23hs0w8ebvhxsptse0op.jpg]

First at all I want to encourage everybody for sending me their demos.

What I am interested mostly is:

1.Only Xonotic frags
2.Nice midairs and combos
3.Only demos (*.dem files) no other file types like avi, ogv...

Also advices and other help will be appreciated (please take a look on these imgs and tell me honetly what You think should be changed or what is OK)

Some informations about the movie:
Working in Sony Vegas Pro 10.0

[Image: qzp0z1ki76mssof39koq.jpg]

Here You can see frame from movie (instant action). In the lower left corner You can see the simply idea of players logo which will be shown for few seconds to give an information which player exactly You are watching.

[Image: z4vkwh4m4nva9rwccrn.jpg]

New effects from Unknown (look at the nex shot):

[Image: 1simbaju1c6ur96gb01.jpg]

Frag mostly are recording in fps view and its also "You fragged bla" description visable.

[Image: tv9ivpu2aeud5zisz7qj.jpg]

Thanks a lot for Unfa who made an intro music and for Unknown for coding effectinfo.txt file and giving me tips and advices. Also thanks for all who allready sent me demos and those who will. Smile

I've recorded a few good demos and "holy shit" moments during the XWIT weekend.
Please tell me where can I send the demos, and how should I mark my frags?
Also, I wouldn't change effectinfo.txt a lot. I'd advertise pure Xonotic graphics.
[Image: 561.png]
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Opening Title could need some work, looks a bit boring imo. Rest looking good, keep that up.

I updated post, mail me or upload them.
And Fisume: Thx for advice but Its not a final version yet, feel free to design sth by Your self. It would be very helpfull. I was thinking about 3d animation. This will be on the begining (music diffrent); I think "DMs resurrection" title will be similar.

I would do some quick concepts on After Effects (I actually wanted to do anyway some cinematics lately) but I'm having atm probs with the program (keeps crashing). I like the idea of putting the Opening Title in front of a Xonotic Cinematic more instead of using a 3D intro (like the one you posted). Those are used in many game vids lately and I just dont like those, tho that's just my opinion. Do whatever looks good in your opinion. Also feel free sending me the final beta before releasing the movie if you want feedback.

Make sure you use the correct logo, the one in the screenshot is outdated.

I have a shotgun-slap from a pickup (but it's nothing extraordinary like FruitieX's 'umad fisume') and my HLAC January FOTM (if you think that one is worthy I can send you the demo).

If you're willing to go to some work you could make a really stunning intro using this lightning tutorial.(I added a RGB curve to make it more blue and give a 'pop'). I was thinking like it flashes horizontly across the screen and as the glare fades off you animate the alpha value of the 'DMs resurrection' to jump in. Or you could try animating layers.

EDIT: A still of what my lighting looks like after some extra compositing:

In the first screen you need to add another 'r' to resurrection, at the moment it's resurection.

Also if you take footage from other community members, I suggest you change the name of the video to something like 'Xonotic Resurrection' Smile
[Image: 542.png]

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I think I will follow Your advice, Kojn. It might be "Xonotic resurection".... Any other ideas for the movie name? Mabye sth with "phoenix"? "Like The Begining of Phoenix" or "The Birth of The Phoenix"?

I rly dunno where this "r" from "DMs resurRection" went. It just disapeared! Smile

Nowego4: It would be awesome if You send my Your stuff and I like the lightning breinwave. I ve tried it a litlle in Adobe After Effects, but I suck in this soft, Blender would be a beter solution.

The rise of the phoenix Smile
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @


I have 3:45 minutes of pure animation (already edited) Here is the logo idea:

[Image: 2zjcx6qlqrv7fci2so1.png]
and also first 35 secs of the movie (720p):]

Advices and tips: >?

Demos send me by e-mail:
or just upload them and give me a link

Any particular reason for the left-aligned text?

Also I think the beginning should mention somewhere what game it is, like maybe screen starts black, Xonotic logo fades in, then fades out after a second, then we see Rise of the Pheonix, then we see the frags, and Justintime could be at the end with the credits.

i think that "justintime" thingo can be at the beginning, as it is now. Almost every decent fragmovie i've seen had some intro about the author(s) at the beginning.
Also, his intro is pretty cool, isn't it? Smile
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Honestly, the 3D intro could be made much more interesting, right now, in my opinion, is really bad and bland. I get the feeling from it that you try to be cool and artistic, but because you 'lack' knowledge in how to actually do that, then it makes it tasteless.
I'm not saying you do lack the knowledge, it's just the feeling I get. It may not be the most important aspect of the movie you wanted critique on. But if you want a standard intro to say if you were to make more movies, then a good intro is something you really need. Not anything half-assed and quickly thrown together. Unless of course you don't care about the intro.
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Fix the avatar size limit please! I want my avatar gifs back! DISCRIMINATION!
Also, change my name to 'ai', these forums sucks which can't have 2 letters in the nick!

Hmmm, I know what do You mean. I want to admit I have some ideas about a perfect logo animation and how it SHOULD looks like, but U right there: I lack of knowledge how to use advanced software for this kind of stuff. I ve heard about adobe after effects, got some nice concepts, but at last I always use Blender, cause I can't use anything else at all.
In fact I suck at Blender too :/
It seems I have everything in my mind but I lack of experience about doing it. I wish somebody 'd help me with that... Making videos by only Your self is tiresome and not so effective and efficient like doing it with mates.
U should know that I do rly care about the intro and the whole movie at all, I'm just trying new things and the results aren't always amazing.

I do really love the work you have presented so far, to me you deliver an amazing quality!
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Thanks, Lamp!
Good to hear that, but in fackt I need to work on this logo.
Tomorrow school Sad

Dodgy I see no lamp anywhere, do you?
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Latest track on soundcloud: Farewell - to a better Place (piano improvisation)
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Anymore news Justin?

Our clan-movie should be released within the next 1-2 weeks, about 75-80% done in total, just credits, some flow fixing and polishing to do then it'll be out Smile
[Image: 542.png]

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