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An average day in nexuiz australia.

so yer, what can i say? here are some pictures of a night in the australian nexuiz server. as you can see we all have boring normal names :O.

i just feel sorry for the new guy that joins and sees this, we may scare that away Sad or some us guy going through the nexuiz server browser and then comes to the aussie server and sees this! LOL.

well here thay are, very creative names imo Tongue





[Image: vNzdsZw]

I fear for the future of the human species.
[Image: IUBFH.png]

Contact me on irc channel:
#Dietunichtguten @Quakenet

I see someone faking clantag. Sad

The anal stage is a very important founding stage in everyone's life.
Once you are 3 years old on average, you leave this period for the phallic stage.

(01-18-2011, 12:14 PM)Nesquick Wrote: I fear for the future of the human species.

Too late...
chooksta Wrote:640t ought to be enuf for antibody
- microsoft windows

rofl... Tongue you missed only XSAX from the ultimate anus party))))))))

(01-18-2011, 02:13 PM)Mirio Wrote: I see someone faking clantag. Sad

who would that be?
[Image: vNzdsZw]


[BOT] is Europe only.

oh, that bot bot bot guy is a really big noob, hes never said a word in game. just one of those noobs that get on most nights tyo play for fun even though they never get kills.
[Image: vNzdsZw]


what is normal in a nerd world anyways?




Did you notice the most excellent use of 't'




twhat tis tthis tt thing tany tway?



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