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Anybody notice...

So, i play other games, windows games as well when i can manage to get them running on wine, or when i take the time to boot into windowsConfused.

One of these games: Crysis. Fell in love with the nanosuit. coolest looking suit i've ever seen. like a ninja.

Now Crysis 2 comes along.

They've removed ... EVERYTHING ... that made the first one an epic. The ninja is gone, in comes the brawler.
How long is a piece of string?

ninja > brawler every time.

What distro(s) do you run?

Never did get into Crysis really or even the original Far Cry. I had fun playing Instincts when they released it on XBox and thought it was more fun (not many games let you run faster than what you can move in Nexuiz or leap across canyons) than the original game even though it was more linear and Crysis to me didn't have a whole lot more than graphics going for it. It could be the slower pace or maybe it's because I grew up with the likes Doom, GoldenEye, Quake, Turok (2 in particular), Unreal, and Perfect Dark (64) I don't know, Crysis was a bit of a let down for me.

Oh wait.

Crysis was epic? That's way too fat. An epic benchmark, did you mean that?


Lee_Stricklin: I know what you're saying, i really do. But you've got to know what this game is all about. I knew Crysis wasn't going to a complete revamp of the FPS space, and honestly, FPSes haven't moved that far from their roots, except for the ditching of the hundred health system.

Lord Canistra: I meant the suite design. I haven't seen anything that cool outside of anime or or <insert choice of benchmark here> Smile. Although the benchmark was indeed epic, but id did not bother with them. I was quite satisfied knowing i could run crysis, i did not feel a need to know how badly it was running. ... playable is as good as it got for me *le sigh*

Dokujisan: I'm running ubuntu 10.04.

Currently slogging my way through Far Cry 2 ... boring as nuts ...
How long is a piece of string?

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