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Just HAVE to ask ...

I know the name is cheesy, that's why i picked such a cliché title...

Project Twilight: Recon

Re: Discussion on tactical capture of extramorphic specimen

Time: ████

Dr. ██████ and myself have been in discussion over possible tactics on capturing the extramorphic specimen of Forkes, WA. Coming to an agreed will be trial as we have consistently differed in opinion and methodology, a fact most evident in the naming of our partnership, which still remains unofficial as DR ██████ has yet to offer alternatives. This may also prove an opportunity for the specimen to exhibit any special quality other than the tendency to cause malfunction in the lower tiers of our surveillance platform, as I have pointed out to Dr. ██████ that many past cases have caused greater problems within our systems beyond infrared malfunctions.

In spite of this, Dr ███████'s hypothesis that the specimen may belong to an entirely different species of the usual extramorphic personalities may prove an interesting research avenue as there has been little evidence in the past to show any evolution beyond.

[Note by Dr F. Newmann, Overcommand Senior Research Director: This mention of past experiments indicates that there extramorphic beings beyond those most commonly found in fiction. How long they have been researching them is most interesting.]

[Note by General T.G. Hort, Overcommand Council: Their surveillance systems pose more value to Overcommand. Recommendations to divert our engineering resource into prototyping what they can from these notes; may aid in tracking down the organization, and perhaps alleviate NSA involvement in our affairs.]

Day ██
Time: ████

Dr ███████ and myself have reached a conclusion on the retrieval of specimen under observation, mostly in part due to my reluctance and disinterest. The specimen remains unaware of our attempts, shows little promise in their cognitive abilities, and now reduces their significance to merely biological level.

Suggestions for [DATA EXPUNGED]
How long is a piece of string?

Retrieval Plans - The Castlevania Initiative
Day 2
Time: ██:██:██

Well, it seems that we reached a consensus on this one, especially with the thermal imaging starting malfunctioning after several other specimens appeared. Curiously, they were all males, and most of them only had a pair of shorts each as any clothing. While this may seem attractive to young females of the town, I think that this may be dangerous, and Dr █████████ agrees on that. Thus we decided to create a joint force called the Castlevania Initiative, from inside the AFES. This will be our façade should we be exposed.

[Overcommand's Prof Einhart's note: So CI was in fact a façade for Allucard's? If that's the case, I'm calling NSA on this one.]

Day 2
Time ██:██:██

We have found a viable opportunity - a gullible local girl B████ S███ was discovered having a relationship with one of the specimens. We are planning on watching their meetings with great care, to plan the capture. Calling armed forces from AFES might be necessary, since the species presented great strength before. There is also one interesting thing - the specimens seem to be vampiric in nature, yet direct sunlight does not harm them, and causes their skin to sparkle, somehow. It is unknown how the specimens achieve said effect, however this might connect to the imaging malfunctions before.

Overcommand Note 5/███/50
After studying the reports written by doctors ██████ and █████████, I think that the situation was described somewhere in popular fiction. I guess the AFES was right after all. Recommendations: Terminate the so-called Castlevania Initiative and grant AFES government money. --Dr Newmann

Overcommand Note 6/███/50
It still bugs me; after all that's been said about the specimen, I can't get it off my mind: HOW DO THEY SPARKLE? Maybe there are still some chemical formulae present in the notes. This might make us rich! Although, we still haven't decrypted all of the notes.
--Major General Alfred von Wagner, Overcommand Council
PS. AFES? Government money? Newmann, report to the psyche ward. I think you're nuts!

(Let's not EXPUNGE too much DATA, maybe except the Overcommand parts.)
(08-10-2012, 02:37 AM)Mr. Bougo Wrote: Cloud is the new Web 2.0. It makes no damn sense to me.

Project Twilight: Recon

Time: ████

ASEF has finally picked up on the trail of the specimen we have been tracking for over a month now. Our delay in deciding on the method of its capture has worked to our advantage, moving sooner would have resulted in a clash that would have brought unwanted investigation into our private initiative. We will maintain our cover until such time as determined it is unnecessary to do so. I feel it will be soon as NSA has begun to press top brass for reports on progress into Overcommand major projects.

Time: ████

ASEF task forces have been deployed to retrieve specimen. This may prove useful as they will no doubt tie up any loose ends, as Dr. ████████ points out. Documents pertaining to the specimen and relations may be deleted, but ASEF is as yet unequipped to handle the facts of memory. I must admit that this would be to our advantage as ASEF would draw all the troubles of removing established characters from the community. Deployment of ████████████ is no longer necessary.

[Note by Dr G. Gracus, Deputy of AFES Extramorphic Specimen Confinement: I find it unsettling that these individuals have been able to remain hidden in our ranks for any amount of time. And judging by the inconclusive notes, they have remained so for quite some time, even before these events.]


Overcommand displays some caution with this specimen and its impact on the community should it be removed, indicates some form of competent leadership. Procedure has been abandoned as they have been proven to be ineffective for this case on the basis of too many loose ends to manage without drawing disapproval. We will continue monitoring through our ███████ network.


Dr. ███████ is impatient to have the specimen in testing. I will have to persuade him to not divert all our resources into this project, the specimen having only a single characteristic of any interest, a characteristic I suspect serves the specimen little to no purpose. This would not be a first among extramorphic organisms to develop a trait on mere whim.
How long is a piece of string?

N B 4 Blade or Simon Belmont lol

Oh wait.

(02-26-2011, 03:37 AM)anark10n Wrote: [Note by Dr G. Gracus, Deputy of ASEF Extramorphic Specimen Confinement: I find it unsettling that these individuals have been able to remain hidden in our ranks for any amount of time. And judging by the inconclusive notes, they have remained so for quite some time, even before these events.]

(It's AFES, not ASEF. Alucard Foundation for Extrauniversal Studies. Also, AFES is supposed to know about Castlevania Initiative, and the Overcommand isn't. Just to clarify.)

Retrieval Log, Date: ██.██.20██, Time: 18:30
Dr █████████: As predicted, B████ S███ is moving towards the rendezvous location. Alpha Team, stand by. Beta team, prepare high-intensity UV lamps.
Dr ██████: Thermal imaging shows distortions moving from the west, possibly the specimen. Beta Team, are you ready?
Agent B/███-05: Ready when you are, sir. Just tell me when to flip the switch.
Agent C/███-05: Dr ██████, we have a fix on the specimen. I confirm that he appears to be young male, about seventeen (17), vampirical in nature.

[Note by gen. S. Belmont, chief vampire consultant at AFES: Now that's just insane. Why would an extramorhic joke of a vampire come to our world? My recommendation: WHIP HIM GOOD.]
[Note by gen. Buffy S██████, assistant vampire consultant at AFES: I concur.]

Dr █████████: The specimen is moving in range, Alpha Team, get ready.
Agent A/███-05: My team's ready. We have visual contact, sir.
Dr ██████: Good. Target is right in the middle. B████ S███ is here as well. Sedate her if you must. Beta team, hit the switch.

[Note by gen. S Belmont: Wait. If those [REDACTED] are immune to sunlight, how can a UV lamp stop them?]
[Note by ███████████████: Well, I don't like too much UV on me.]

Agent C/███-05: The target is confused. Sedating...
Agent A/███-02: That's no good! I'm sedating the girl. Time to taze the [REDACTED]!
Dr ██████: Agent B█████, don't. We need the specimen...
Agent A/███-05: Too late. The specimen has fallen down. B█████, check his vitals!
Agent A/███-02: Steady. Although... It can't be a vampire. It's got a pulse!
Dr █████████: He's got a WHAT?


[Note by gen. S. Belmont: A pulse? [REDACTED] the Transylvania studies, I'm on this case now!]
[Note by Dr. Gracus: The confinement unit seemed to go a little overboard with this action. I shall personally remind Agent G██████ that he should not authorise electrifying specimens.]

Overcommand note 8/███/50
Did someone suggest calling the NSA? I'm sorry, but I won't be having this kind of shenanigans in my division.
--Major General Alfred von Wagner, Overcommand Council

Overcommand note 9/███/50
According to what I've read so far, this is quite interesting. It seems that the species display all vampiric traits, however they are not, in fact, dead. Judging from other works by gen S. Belmont, I didn't quite believe that vampires can be, in fact, alive. However, aside from all the chaos AFES caused, I'm scientifically curious.
--Dr Newmann
(08-10-2012, 02:37 AM)Mr. Bougo Wrote: Cloud is the new Web 2.0. It makes no damn sense to me.

Overcommand Classified File 13845

This is the only portion of the Castlevania Initiative documents that we have successfully put to a timeline, and even then, it is only when it began and when it ended. The Initiative is methodical in its recording, makes no mention of Overcommand activities that could be used as markers and further refine our efforts to gauge how long they have been in operation.

Our efforts to determine who among the AFES belong to the Initiative have proven a failure, none of the scientists exhibit any odd behavior beyond those already recorded.

Project Twilight: Initiation

Time: █████

Initial opinion on Subject 81. Basis: Capture and subject's adjustment to captivity.

Subject reaction has been largely predictable, albeit one difference: subject did not seem to spend as much time in confusion as any other. This did raise expectations momentarily, until it was observed that it did not spend as much time processing its surroundings and its situation. This was further proved when Dr. ███████ entered, the subject attempted to attack him. Most other extramorphic organism show caution around their captors. I have attributed this lack of common sense to the subject's perpetual adolescence, cognitive development arrested upon it's transmutation.

Time: ████

It seems Dr ███████ is not the only one fascinated by the subject's odd characteristic when under UV exposure. Tests have revealed no useful application for this aspect, both to the subject in testing and to us of the Initiative.


It appears that the iridescence under UV light is not the sole characteristic of Subject 81. I have come to the conclusion that it possess some psychic ability, in itself nothing special as we have encountered such qualities in other extramorphic specimens, so its lack of useful charactistics is hardly mitigated by this. On a side note, the subject seems unable to act at either Dr █████ or my entering the cell, while it has consistently been able to detect and act against others.

[Note by Major General A. Von Wagner, Overcommand Council: Observations remain too vague to determine when the Initiative discovered these traits, no record of unscheduled tests, no records of irregular interrogations, nothing.]

[Note by Dr F. Newmann, Overcommand Senior Research Director: Subject 81: Identified as Edward Cullen in our records, a derived species of Vampris Impulus, the Vampire. Showed no signs of Higher Alighieri Planes, tests suggested a weaker branch.]

[Note by Dr G. Gracus, Deputy of AFES Extramorphic Specimen Confinement: Subject 81, Edward Cullen. Confinement Effort: Low. Culminance: Low. Alighieri Plane Resonance: 0.3% Threat Probability: Negligent.]

[Note by General T.G. Hort, Overcommand Council: RE: Notes by MG Von Wagner, Dr F Newmann, Dr Gracus. This information leads back on known facts and conclusions. Restraint requested on filing information or insights already proposed.]
How long is a piece of string?

Changed the acronyms, just recently saw Minkovsky's reprimand.

Minkovsky: I picked up that AFES knew about the initiative, i'm writing from the point of view of Overcommand which recently found out about the initiative.

Overcommand Classified File 13845

Previous AFES intelligence concerning the Initiative has been deemed inadmissible evidence, although it can be said it is a sight more than Overcommand General Operations have been able to gather. The Initiative purposefully allowed themselves to be detected, there is little doubt that had they continued as they had, they would have remained unnoticed within our ranks. The research notes give us the impression of calculated moves and methods, but in light of this fact, one begins to see the impatient and perhaps impulsive nature of the Initiative members.

The AFES push for separation from Overcommand has been rejected in the face of this circumstantial yet relevant evidence.

Project Twilight: Advance


The specimen continues to yield contradictory data. Their weak Plane resonance is a possible reason why they are not affected by sunlight as others of their species, but then again they exhibit abilities only observed on the Planes, we have been able to determine the psychic nature of Subject 81 with only a little effort. This apparent collection of contradictory characteristics while of interest to AFES and Dr. ███████, the lack of any hierarchical organization to these characteristics should have dissuaded any interest.

Time: █████

Through the █████ network, the familial relations of the Subject 81 have been detected gathering in seemingly irregular periods. One does not have to think hard on what it is they discuss. Perhaps this may offer more insight into the specimens, which Dr. ███████ has taken to calling T-Vampires, that cannot be observed in controlled conditions.

Date: ██/██/████

Dr. ███████ has picked up on hints of AFES suspicion as to a rogue group working within its ranks. An interesting development this, this may serve to alleviate the complacence relative inactivity has brought on, and perhaps stress the credibility and tolerances of our fail-safes and fall-backs.

[Note by General T.G. Hort, Overcommand Council: Preceding notes highlights Initiatives risk-seeking nature, perhaps due to the fact that they are of a minimal membership, thus able to deal with it efficiently. This in turn serves to highlight the shortfalls of our organization, grown to large in both numbers and diversity to effectively and efficiently administer.]
How long is a piece of string?

Project Twilight: Test Logs
DATE: ██/██/████, TIME: ██:██:██, Site ██ Testing Facility.
Test on Subject 81, proposed and conducted by Dr ██████.

Subject has electrodes places on its skull. These will stimulate various centres in its brain. The subject is immersed up to neck in stimuli-dampening gel. The Plane resonance is constantly measured.

Frontal Lobe:
Voltage: | Resonance:
0.0V | 0.3
0.25V | 0.3
0.5V |0.3000001
0.75V | 0.3
1V | 0.3000005
1.25V | 0.3000009
1.5V | 0.300009
1.75V | 0.30001
2V | 0.305

Frontal Lobe conclusion: There is a correlation between the voltage applied to frontal lobe and the Plane resonance. Further testing is necessary.

Temporal Lobes:
Voltage: | Resonance:
0.0V | 0.3
0.25V | 0.3
0.5V | 0.3
0.75V | 0.3
1V | 0.3
1.25V | 0.3
1.5V | 0.3
1.75V | 0.3
2V | 0.3

Temporal Lobes conclusion: Stimulation has no apparent effect on Plane resonance.

[Note by General T.G. Hort, Overcommand Council: This experiment, however inhumane, is what WE would do. AFES is usually light on vampirical beings, given the association with Alucard himself, yet the T-Vampires got no mercy? Interesting.]
(08-10-2012, 02:37 AM)Mr. Bougo Wrote: Cloud is the new Web 2.0. It makes no damn sense to me.

[Image: policemen02.jpg]

Ello, what's all this then?
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(03-11-2011, 07:49 AM)Halogene Wrote: Ello, what's all this then?

This, officer, is an attempt at making Twilight understandable to various perplexed individuals (majority of whom are of the male disposition) who have come to expect Vampires (homo draculus) to burst into flames when exposed to sunlight. As this does not happen to Twilight vampires, this has become a subject ripe for research.Big Grin

Project Twilight: Test Results


Usual fatality tests on Subject 81 have yielded negative results, the subject remaining cognizant and still very much undead. Subject remarks on the tests as "mythical" and his boast at immortality has peaked interest among assigned researchers. A false interest, as mere mention of dismemberment causes Subject 81 some distress. This development has rather proven my previous action on developing ████████████ munitions.


Dismemberment does indeed render the T-vampires completely inactive. Testing on one such vampire in the field has corroborated this fact. And as a point of interest, this vampire, being of dark complexion, did not seem to exhibit similar refractive qualities as Subject 81. Begs the question, is this a racial trait? And if so, what are those, if any, of the other racial branches?


Relations of Subject 81 begin to show some intent and purpose in their meetings. Overcommand intervention in their life seems to have prompted them to seek alliances in other groups of vampires. Dr. ███████ is excited by the prospect of research specimens of his own, one not in the records of Overcommand or AFES. AS for myself, I would rather Dracule himself under knife and scope, the tame vampire AFES flaunts along with his more prestigious ancestor.

[Not to be confused as an Overcommand note: This part here, if anybody had to sit through Twilight New Moon (research purposes. honest), one will notice the black vampire does not sparkle in sunlight.]
How long is a piece of string?

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