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[NEEDS INFO] Rendering question about Sony Vegas 9

Soo, I'm having a little problem with Sony Vegas...

When I'm done editing a video and shall render it, what codec and settings is the best to use?

I first tried .mp4 with some settings I found online but it makes some "tv lines" or I don't know what I should call it to appear in the video. Like this:

And so far I've used .m2t (mpeg-2 format)... But the downside to that is that it makes the videos very dark... Like this:

What codec and settings should I use to get it so close to ingame as possible?
[Image: IUBFH.png]

Contact me on irc channel:
#Dietunichtguten @Quakenet

i find the .ogv it comes out with is good enuf .... butttt , would you tube support this?

that and many answers idk , Sad



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