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Problems with git build

I downloaded the git build a few weeks ago. Everything worked fine, I only now pushed build for a second time. And..... I cant play any more. The run-wgl.bat with which I normally play has changed into run-wgl.dontrun. And I now need to play on the 0.1 preview again. What to do?
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<_Mirio|> ho ho ho
<_Mirio|> the git thing
<Samual> argh
<Samual> dpsoftrast strikes again
<Samual> Welp
<Samual> Deal with it for now Tongue
<Samual> There are no new engine features you need right now
<Samual> so just wait until it's fixed we just wait. Cool

So that means I don't only have no upgrades, but just can't play on it Sad

Is there really no way to fix this, Justin says he's got the same thing, and I don't think we're the only ones....
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Got the same thing! Sad
[Image: 788.png]

For now, compile with "./all compile -r" and it should work.

Ehhh, where should i do that?

And It tried built.bat for a second time, it seemed to work, it went talking computer language. But then: An error has occured. And it crashed again. But I was smart and looked up, and it said the errors were in darkplaces, whatever it may be.
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tbh our "darkplaces" don't look smart enough for Update Big Grin. I have the same problem and because Im on Win7 I cannot just simply : "./all compile -r". Is there any solution?

I'm on Vista, and I don't even know what "./all compile -r" is. Tongue

Help us!
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Then use the autobuild instead.

It directly asks username and password, what username must I use, the one of the forum, or another one?
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user: Xonotic, password: g-23
Read the window description.
tZork. It's good method but very slow and unconfortable.

I will try that then, but why does this all have to be so hard Sad

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should be fixed now for Windows builds -- try again everyone.

Well, first time I now tried, It went downloading and doing things, said it was ready. But still run-wgl is dontrun. I now only have sh.exe.stackdump extra.
The second time it had exactly the same errors Sad
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(04-10-2011, 04:38 PM)Samual Wrote: should be fixed now for Windows builds -- try again everyone.

Still gets the same dpsoftrast errors when compiling...

Me too, it still crashes, someone help us!

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