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Saturday Night Drink of Choice

It's Saturday night. What are you drinking?

[Image: stella.gif]
Latest obsession.

water - Drink of champions

[Image: ISP_Water_Glass.jpg]

heh, I haven't been drinking alcohol at all in the recent months, but the last beer I had was Yuengling in December. I went to my cousin's wedding in Philly and my brother and I stopped by to pickup 3 boxes of Yuengling really cheap.

[Image: yuengling-beer.jpg]

I've had a poker game last night, so when it was game over for me, I got some kind of a whisky as consolation prize.
After that, while chatting with my friends I got myself some nonamed b33r Smile Cheap, no strong, ideal for some chit-chat with friends.
And while we were cheering for on of my buds, who got into the finals, we had some good'ol Unicum, my favorite bitter:

[Image: Unicum.jpg]

Some fun of the "Unicum" life style Big Grin
[Image: 561.png]
"One should strive to achieve; not sit in bitter regret."

Duvel: fantastic stuff

Tastes great too. It's the kind of drink where you finish one glass in just under an hour.

[Image: KyiA8.jpg]
[Image: di-712770583645.png]

Sweet, flavory and strong (55%) Chartreuse liqueur. My favorite alcoholic drink. Cool

[Image: chartreuse1.jpg]

Cola. Tongue

I know I'm boring but I don't drink!
Xonotic Assasins!

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* pughar gives tChr^nsb a cookie
<Liquid-Sin> no cookies for me?
<pughar> gave the last one to him Smile
<Liquid-Sin> my luck...

beck's beer
He can talk the talk, but can he caulk the caulk?

A heavenly drink, a gift to man from the gods, ever-gratifing caffeine-rich ambrosia, black coffee.
Adding sugar or that disgusting creamer stuff is an abomination.
My will be done.

Post pics!!!

For Ang
[Image: 09_14_60---Cola-Soft-Drink_web.jpg]

For lda17h
[Image: DF_becks_366.jpg]

for AnArKiSt
[Image: BlackCoffee.jpg]

[Image: Asahi-33-cl-799614.jpg]

Big Grin 
Apple juice!!!!! ^-^ [Image: apple-juice.jpg]

[Image: drpeppercan1.jpg]
Once upon a time, I wrote a forum post. And this is what it said.

[Image: motion-of-the-ocean.jpg]

you drink seawater?

[Image: linie_fjellbekk_mountain_creek.jpg]

vodka cruisers!
[Image: forum.png]

i don't know if you were ever trying this, but a honey beer is quite interesting alternative to a traditional one.
So this is what i was enjoying last saturday:
[Image: R018-0cacfe8.jpg]

btw. drinking seawater isn't healthy i guess, too much salt (that's why people can die from lack of water on the sea), so don't do it too often Oblivion Smile
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Chocolate soy milk (silk or sunrich brand does matter) don't judge me just try it. Dr. Pepper is good to or some soda with real sugar.
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When I'm out of german/austrian beer:

[Image: ubuntu_cola.jpg]
[Image: 10676.png]

(03-24-2010, 06:42 AM)Ilaith Wrote: When I'm out of german/austrian beer:

LOL, is this for real? I mean if they would attach this to the latest distribution, I would be more, than happy Big Grin
Üdvözlettel / Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards:

[Image: 34581.png]
[Image: 14909.jpg]

Quote:LOL, is this for real? I mean if they would attach this to the latest distribution, I would be more, than happy Big Grin

Oh it's real. But last time i checked it's only distributed in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Belgium, France, Italy, and online...

And yes it tastes great!
[Image: 10676.png]

Water. Orange juice, chocolate milk.

Or some random alcoholic beverage. What do I care... Big Grin

[Image: diebels.jpg]

[Image: 2413-Bhang.jpg]

Bhang Big Grin

USA law ******* sucks! I'm not legally allowed alchohol until I'm 21, but I'm 18, so the cops shouldn't bitch too much if I have a friend buy for me, because I'm not a minor.

Now drinking Silk Soymilk.

I'd post a pic, but this Wii browser lacks copy-paste. Sad
My will be done.

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